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VInce Poscente has the energy of Robin Williams, the clarity of Peter Jennings and the presentation content of Colin Powell. If you want a motivational, exciting and dynamic speaker, hire Vince.

– BlueCross BlueShield

About Keynote Speaker Vince Poscente

Vince Poscente knows a little something about focus, commitment, and defying the odds. At age 26, he decided to take up speed skiing and pursue it competitively. Only four years later, he was vying for Gold in the Winter Olympics. Now an internationally-sought speaker and consultant, Poscente is the founder of Be Invinceable Group. With his infectious energy, warmth, and humor, he makes each keynote speech and consulting engagement as memorable as it is valuable.

As a Speaker Hall of Fame inductee, Poscente knows the key to making a message stick with an audience is to provide an “experience.” A Vince Poscente keynote speech is an experience you’re not soon to forget.

Speech Topics

5-C Strategy For Healthcare Professionals

Vince Poscente inspires healthcare professionals to harness the power of speed with his invigorating perspective. He takes an unique strategy that took him from recreational skier to the Olympics in just four years and applies it to the pressure packed world of healthcare. Poscente correlates skiing at 135 mph to quality decision making that can mean success or failure, life or death. The second he stands on the chair and you feel the rush of the wind in your hair you know you are about to experience a refreshing, power packed presentation full of take home tools for organizational excellence.

His keynote addresses the 5-C Strategy:
– Clarity of Vision – the “emotional buzz” your organization’s North Star
– Commitment – commitment is a process
– Consistency – innovation springs from owning the solution
– Confidence – alignment is a pivot from negative thoughts to the emotional buzz
– Control – peak performance is enhanced by “pre-race” routines

Heroes Climb - The Ascent from I to Us

“You are already a hero. It is time for you to quit playing small and reveal that hero within you. Come, be big, so others can delight in your presence.”

In this keynote, NYT’s bestselling author Vince Poscente, shares the secrets of heroism that lie in each person. While we celebrate famous athletic and situational heroes, Poscente unpacks the belief that we each have the opportunity to be EVERYDAY HEROES.

This keynote challenges each attendee to find the personal trajectory that allows them to make a difference through personal accountability and integrity.

A great storyteller, Vince shares five key descriptions for heroism:
– Fearless
– Selfless
– Humble
– Compassionate

Vince punctuates portions of the keynote with video, photos and descriptions of his many trips leading “ordinary” individuals on once-in-a-lifetime excursions to scale Himalayan mountains.

Electric, fast-paced and entertaining, Vince Poscente will leave your attendees eager to make a difference and challenge the status quo.

The Age of Speed (Signature Keynote)

Using concepts from his best selling books, The Age of Speed and The Ant & the Elephant, Vince shares his Olympic experience and the ‘speed’ model that took him from a recreational skier to vying for Gold in speed skiing in 4 short years. Give your audiences an invigorating perspective that reveals:
• Innovation at Work – audiences learn how to innovate in any business situation using Poscente’s ‘recreational skier to Olympian in four years’ model.
• Competitive Advantages – you will internalize a powerful change in how to compete using the approach “Do what the competition is not willing to do.”
• Leadership for the Self – high speed results are possible in cultures that foster an attitude of “Owning the solution.”
• Speed of Execution – learn from The Age of Speed’s “Jet Profile” where employees and companies embrace Agility, Aerodynamics and Alignment.
• Taking Control – with infectious energy, warmth and humor, Poscente delivers an experience that translates into an empowered audience.

The next 16.572 seconds could change your life!

Renowned business strategist and New York Times best-selling author, Vince Poscente is a master communicator. He knows how to get an audience’s attention and maintain electrifying energy while providing:

• Hands-on tools that you can use immediately
• Edge-of-your-seat stories, 135 mph ski videos, heart-pumping music
• Take-action-today inspiration
• Flat-out-fun with Poscente’s signature wit and wisdom

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