Terry Paulson, PhD

I was amazed and thrilled to see how you could take a crowded room of people and lead them as if they were a single entity through the ups and downs of your comments. You had every one of the 1600 attendees fixed on every word.

– Illinois Health Care Association

About Keynote Speaker Terry Paulson

For your next meeting, bring in a proven, dynamic keynote speaker who will inspire your people to action and lasting changes! Terry’s motivating message is exactly what people need to get past the uncertainty and indecision of these challenging times in health care. He helps make change work and moves people into action that gets positive results. You get a fired up audience, and you’ll look like a hero. More importantly, you’ll see people implement what they have learned long after the conference is over.

Terry Paulson is a PhD psychologist, columnist, a recognized expert on change management and author of the popular books, The Optimism Advantage, They Shoot Managers Don’t They, Paulson on Change, Making Humor Work, 50 Tips for Speaking Like a Pro, and Can I Have the Keys to the Car?

Speech Topics

The Optimism Advantage

In good and bad times, leaders and professionals alike need to keep hope alive and shape setbacks, detours, economic downturns, and challenging global competition into strategic opportunities. This timely program will help you invent a future you can be proud of. Learn how to trade feelings of helplessness and frustration for flexible optimism, resourcefulness, and persistence as you make change work for yourself, your organization, and those you serve.

Change! Love It and Lead It!

The change journey never stops! This powerful program provides today’s leaders with practical tactics that make change work. You’ll learn how to generate and sustain commitment to a compelling vision and core values, sell the need for change, develop an organization that is excited to keep learning, encourage early problem solving, unite and motivate diverse teams, and focus resources to support your strategic business goals.

Claiming Your Communication Edge: The Art of Listening, The Power of Speaking

There is no more valuable skill for leaders to develop than effective communication. Two of the most important competencies that can give you a communication edge are effective listening and public speaking. Learn how to listen so that others are comfortable talking; learn to speak so that people listen. In the age of influence, the communication edge gives you and your team the advantage they need to produce strategic success. Whether together or as separate programs, these presentations makes a difference where it counts.

Nurse Alive! Reclaiming Hope, Happiness and Healing

Everyone is talking about nurse shortages, increasing work loads and today’s demanding patients. In the midst of your journey, it is easy to lose the passion for the profession and the satisfaction that comes in making a difference. Instead of waiting for things to happen, true professionals work at inventing their own future one day at a time. This program will help you go beyond being alive to actually thriving in this age of constant change! Learn how to harness your sense of purpose and mission into daily meaning. Learn how to turn overcoming obstacles into hope and optimism that shows on and off the job. Find the secrets to happiness and how to take your mission seriously and yourself lightly. Learn how to manage your own motivation and turn errors into stepping stones to professionalism. Nurses make a difference; this program will make a difference for you and your team!

The Assertiveness Advantage: Dealing with Difficult Issues and Difficult People

In this age of cost-containment, competition, and constant change, conflict is increased. Learn how to capitalize on disagreements and team diversity to produce winning results. By finding the assertive middle ground between doormat and steamroller, you can increase your influence batting average in dealing with the tough issues and your tough people! Explore how your actions help produce on-the-job enemies and how to use bridge-building strategies that trade polarization and revenge for trust and results.

Winning Motivational Strategies

There’s only one person who can motivate you…You! While many programs claim to be “motivational”, this proven energizer is guaranteed to help you master specific motivation tactics that work on and off the job. You’ll master self-talk strategies, understand self-feedback tools, and embrace self-change habits that will have a lasting impact well after the program is over.

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