Robert Laszewski

No one has a greater knowledge of the Washington health policy scene than Bob Laszewski - political, economic, social, and straight merit dimensions. Bob also has uncanny forecasting powers. And he calls the shots exactly as he sees them, unusual for Washington.

– The McLaughlin Group

About Keynote Speaker Robert Laszewski

Robert Laszewski is President of Health Policy and Strategy Associates.

Bob had twenty years of experience in the insurance industry, serving as a chief operating officer for nine of those years, before beginning his Washington DC policy and market consulting business in 1992.

He has participated extensively in the nation’s health care debate and has been a regular contributor on the issue for a number of the national television and radio networks as well as major newspapers and trade journals.

Speech Topics

Future Trends Of The Health Care Marketplace And Federal Health Care Policy

A review of the issues, market factors, and trends currently driving the business of health care. In addition, a comprehensive review of the health care policy issues Congress and the administration are dealing with that includes an understanding of what are driving these political issues as well as the short- and long-long term outlook on what change will occur. Laszewski’s niche is his ability to be fluent in describing both market and policy trends as someone who has had twenty years of experience as a senior insurance executive and another 15 years of experience “inside the Beltway.”
Sample of topics to be discussed:
– The federal debt and deficit challenge and its impact upon the growing cost of the entitlements.
– New methods of provider reimbursement and the phasing out of the fee-for-service system.
– The new relationship between government and the health care sector–a bigger government imprint but also a shift in government programs to the private sector.
– The dramatically changing employer health benefits market and its impact as a historically big payer on the industry.
– The Affordable Care Act–still very controversial but here to stay and here to be a bigger part of the health care system.

Leaders In Health Care - The Market And Policy Issues They Must Face

The current business of health care is not sustainable over the long-term. Health care costs have consistently outstripped the nation’s growth rate by a factor of three. Leaders in the health care industry will be focused on how both they and their business will be able to sustain their strategies both for themselves and the executives who come after them. Bob Laszewski has twenty years experience as an insurance industry executive and 15 years experience at the forefront of health policy in Washington. DC.

Market And Policy Update In Managed Care

A review of the issues, market factors, and trends currently driving the business of managed care. This overview also includes a detailed analysis of the issues the Congress and administration are dealing with that would have a direct impact on the managed care industry. Bob Laszewski’s special niche is that he has “walked in the shoes” of managed care executives having been a COO for nine years before founding his Washington, DC based health policy firm. He has the ability to discuss both current market and policy issues in a way that has special relevance to people in this business.

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