Martin Makary, MD

The problems he describes are real and disturbing...Dr. Makary argues that true reform will only come with full disclosure.

– The Wall Street Journal

About Keynote Speaker Martin Makary

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Dr. Martin “Marty” Makary is the author of The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care And How To Fix It and a leading health care voice writing in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. A surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Makary serves jointly as a professor of health policy & management and is frequent commentator for NBC and Fox News. He is the New York Times Bestselling author of Unaccountable, which was turned into the TV medical series The Resident, and speaks frequently on the future of health care and what it means for everyday Americans, business leaders, and health care professionals.

Speech Topics

The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care - and How to Fix It

One in five Americans now has medical debt in collections and rising health care costs today threaten every small business in America. Dr. Makary, one of the nation’s leading health care experts, travels across America and details why health care has become a bubble. Drawing from on-the-ground stories, his research, and his own experience, his keynote paints a vivid picture of price-gouging, middlemen, and a series of elusive money games in need of a serious shake-up. Dr. Makary shows how so much of health care spending goes to things that have nothing to do with health and what you can do about it. He challenges the medical establishment to remember medicine’s noble heritage of caring for people when they are vulnerable and offers a roadmap for everyday Americans and business leaders to get a better deal on their health care, and profiles the disruptors who are innovating medical care. The movement to restore medicine to its mission, Dr. Makary argues, is alive and well – a mission that can rebuild the public trust and save our country from the crushing cost of health care.

The Future of Healthcare

Using entertaining stories, Dr. Makary advocates for non-partisan, common-sense ways to address medicine’s challenges. He correlates the history of American medicine with its modern day conundrums. Healthcare is complex and it’s problems can be difficult to solve. Dr. Makary uses first-hand stories to illustrate the decision points that await policy makers and patients. He reviews the resultant scenarios and explains how consumers can prepare for upcoming changes to healthcare. In a non-partisan way, he highlights both the exciting positive changes in healthcare as well as its concerning trends.

-What will healthcare look like in 10 years?
-How can I prepare for the new healthcare landscape?
-What are the best and worst aspects to the new healthcare system ahead?

Modern Medicine's Transparency Revolution

Many people find the healthcare system difficult to navigate. Finding the best care can be a challenge even for the most educated consumer. Dr. Makary describes how a new movement in American Healthcare seeks to make medical care safer, more transparent, and more honest. He details how doctors are at the helm of a national effort to fully disclose everything from bedside options to hospital performance.

-What resources exist to help me find the best medical care?
-How can I make informed decisions about my care?
-What are the barriers for healthcare to conform to standard business principles?

The Myths And Truths About Living Healthy

With many mixed messages from medical research, how can one know what to do when it comes to maximizing their personal health. Dr. Makary reviews the bottom-line take home points from the latest research on diet, exercise, and disease prevention. He debunks many popular myths and offers the latest research on what really makes us healthy. He challenges the status quo teachings and advocates for a holistic approach to living long.

-From everything I hear on T.V. about my health, how can I know what to trust?
-Which traditional diet plans flawed and why?
-What the bottom-line when it comes to preventing health problems?

Creating A Culture of Safety

Dr. Makary, known as an international expert in patient safety, served in a leadership role at the United Nations World Health Organization for the Safe Surgery Saves Lives initiative. In this program he discusses why he is an advocate for transparency in medicine and common-sense solutions to healthcare’s problems, such as The Surgical Checklist, which he developed at Johns Hopkins, and which was popularized in Atul Gawande’s best-selling book “Checklist Manifesto.” He further talks about transparency in healthcare and in 2013, Makary testified to the U.S. Congress on the need for more transparency in healthcare, including access of data to medical researchers, repeal of the SGR, and the release of government funded research to the public.

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The Future of Healthcare

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