John Patrick

John Patrick is one of the most prescient thinkers in technology today. He has a knack for seeing around corners and spots major trends years before his peers. He leaves you with a vision of the future. Highly recommend.

– Genesys Partners

About Keynote Speaker John Patrick

For the past three decades, internet visionary Dr. John Patrick has been one of the primary forces driving technology innovation. As vice president of Internet technology at IBM, Patrick was at the forefront of the 1990’s Internet revolution. Since his retirement, he has continuously advocated for the further integration of IT applications in business, education, and especially healthcare.

During Patrick’s 35-year-long career at IBM, he helped develop the IBM Credit Corporation, which has since become the largest computer leasing company in the world. As Vice-president of marketing for IBM’s Personal Systems Division, he oversaw the introduction of the iconic ThinkPad brand, IBM’s intranet, and website, among several other web-related initiatives making IBM one of the earliest corporations to embrace the Internet.

Speech Topics

Why Technology Gets Cheaper and Healthcare Doesn't

Dr. Patrick paints a positive vision of the solutions that can create meaningful change. He outlines the reasons behind the real problem in our healthcare system – the high cost. His vision includes a system focused on patients and uses an accountability-oriented, fee-for-value model. He describes how leading-edge information technology, mobile, big data, analytics, and mHealth (mobile health) can achieve safe, high quality and more affordable healthcare.

John Patrick discusses:
~ How America’s healthcare compares to the systems in other countries
~ The reasons behind the high cost of healthcare and how it can be reduced significantly
~ How the lack of information sharing among hospitals, specialists, and primary care doctors limits the quality and safety of care
~ The flood of new consumer-oriented technology that is emerging – including mobile devices, apps, and gadgets – and how they will transform relationships between patients and physicians
~ How population health and accountable care organizations (ACOs) will change the cost and quality of healthcare
~ How robots, 3-D printing, genetics, and artificial intelligence will revolutionize healthcare
~ How will AI affect healthcare?
~ Could AI change the projected shortage of doctors to a surplus of doctors?
~ How AI will change how patients are diagnosed?
~ Whether healthcare is a right, a privilege, or a right which comes with responsibility
~ A politically-neutral set of quick steps policymakers can take to reduce healthcare cost

Other suggested titles for this Keynote:
“Why The Cost of Healthcare is Bankrupting Consumers and Maybe Our Country”
“Why Policymakers Are Not Addressing The Real Problem in Our Healthcare System”
“Why Replacing Obamacare Won’t Help Unless We Address The Underlying Problems”
“What’s Behind The Real Healthcare Problem – A $Trillion of Unnecessary Costs and Procedures”

How Information Technology Can Save Healthcare In America

Dr. Patrick takes an incredibly complicated topic, breaks it down, and presents in a manner lay persons can understand. With no political bias, he articulates how healthcare cost is the number one problem, and outlines the components of the problem. He then describes solutions which can make American healthcare safer and more affordable.

John Patrick discusses:
~ Healthcare cost: unnecessary tests and procedures, fraud, inefficiency, defensive medicine
~ Patient safety and quality: Are our hospitals safe?
~ Equity and access to healthcare. Is healthcare a right or a privilege
~ How a shift in attitude will affect patients, providers, payers, and policymakers
~ How mHealth (mobile health) is changing the relationship between patients and providers
~ How mHealth is empowering consumers with medical data and self-diagnosis
~ The emergence of population health
~ Accountable care: How it works and where it is headed
~ Can Medicare and Medicaid be combined?
~ Should America have a single payer?

Healthcare in the Era of the Cloud

The Internet is changing how we manage our health, and who better to discuss this subject than Internet pioneer and Doctor of Health Administration, John Patrick. The personal healthcare revolution is just beginning, according to John, and massive changes are coming to healthcare. The changes will of course include new medical devices and medical records in the cloud, but also a great change in “attitude.”

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