John Foley

John Foley takes the time to KNOW his audience. He perfectly blended what we do here with his presentation and it was perfect. John's high energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

– Braun Medical

About Keynote Speaker John Foley

In 2015 John Foley was recognized as one of the top 10 most in demand speakers. John has spoken to some of the Highest Performing organizations such as, Microsoft, Hitachi, Intel, Cisco, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Goodyear, Chevron, Lowe’s, Marriott, Wyndham Hotels, Hilton, Penske Racing, Rawlings, LA Kings, Sprint, Motorola, Merrill Lynch, Mass Mutual, Capital Group, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, GE Capital, American Hospital Association, Merck, Sunovion, Reach Air, Adecco, Gillette, McDonalds, and Million Dollar Round Table.

Speech Topics

A Deep Dive in Cultures of Excellence

Merging Process with Mindset to Develop and Sustain Excellence

John delivers a high-energy, highly engaging keynote presentations, with behind-the-scenes videos, personal stories, and years of leadership experience in the military and in business. John helps teams around the globe discover and work toward their potential to become the best of the best at whatever they do. But the keynotes go beyond a model for excellence – they inspire audiences to embrace the critical mindset of “Glad To Be Here” that is the key to improving their performance, strengthening their teams, and creating a culture of excellence. As a famed Blue Angel and graduate of the Top Gun fighter pilot program John developed personal excellence throughout his career, but what truly separates him is the way he develops excellence within the context of their teams. Through the daily application of the process and mindset that drives high performance, teams he illustrates how to create a culture of excellence that’s predictable, repeatable, and transferable to any team in any work environment. His leadership experience provides teams with highly customized, highly engaging deep dives into a process and mindset that builds cultures of excellence.

The Diamond Performance Framework

Is based on John Foley’s experiences as a Navy fighter pilot, including three years with the Blue Angels. John applied those experiences to the business theory he learned at Stanford as a Sloan Fellow, and then refined it by working with some of the highest performing organizations in the corporate world. he Diamond Performance Framework builds on the strategic management theory that teaches vision, planning, execution and feedback by incorporating extreme levels of buy in and commitment. It includes four components – Belief Levels, Brief, Contracts and Debrief – that take place around an agreed upon CenterPoint and with a shared mindset known as Glad To Be Here. The result is a spiraling upward process that incrementally closes performance gaps and leads to exponential improvements in results. This framework provides the foundation for keynotes that address a multitude of topics around leadership, management, and team effectiveness.

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Bill Walton Praise

Continuous Improvement


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