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I cannot thank you enough for the great information you shared. Quite thought provoking and the feedback has been wonderful. Our staff is still talking about how engaged the audience was for your presentation.

– Louisiana Hospital Association

About Keynote Speaker Bruce Clark

Dr. Bruce Clark has emerged as one of America’s foremost visionaries and authorities on the business and marketing implications of an aging population. In 1986, he co-founded Age Wave LLC., the leading marketing communication firm specializing in baby boomers and mature consumers. He also co-founded IPG, a firm created to guide organizations in advertising, customer service and alternative futures.

Many of his groundbreaking business initiatives in financial services, healthcare and consumer products, among other industries, have significantly defined this emerging market niche. He works extensively with the boards and management teams of leading companies world-wide implementing IPG’s proprietary LifeChange/LifeChoice consumer segmentation model to maximize sales and marketing results.

Speech Topics


In this program, Dr. Bruce Clark delivers 5 trends that will redefine our future in healthcare:

1) It’s About “Health Purpose” not “Health Policy”: What matters most for your constituents in post-reform America is to stay laser-focused on how customer/patient needs and concerns are evolving vs. getting too mired in the details of reform. For them, it is about “health purpose” vs. “health policy”. You want attendees leaving your meetings thinking about the opportunity they have to make a real difference in the lives of millions of consumers who are uncertain at this transformative moment in American HC.

2) The Demise of the Patriarchal System — The Healthcare Cost, Insurance and Benefits Crisis Continues Post Reform: As consumers enter their high utilization years, “faith in” healthcare is being replaced by “fear of” healthcare. Healthcare costs and the loss of insurance and benefits consistently rank at the top of lists of what consumers fear most. Just as Americans have had to assume the burden of financing their retirement, they are now confronted with the additional burden of financing their families’ healthcare. The defining characteristics of patients in a post healthcare reform world.

3) A “New” Consumer Marketplace: What recent research reveals about the perspectives of providers, employers and consumers on the future of healthcare, what consumers want from their healthcare provider, and strategies for successfully segmenting this emerging market. What this “new consumer” wants from healthcare and the business opportunities that are about to emerge in caregiving, community healthcare, digital health and the home-care revolution.

4) Our Multi-generational Marketplace: 80 million baby boomers are entering their high utilization years with unprecedented service demands, a redefinition of quality and little in common with the previous generations “reverential” approach to their healthcare providers. Healthcare is poorly prepared to address “generational diversity” and boomers, not to mention Millennials and X’ers, will be the most demanding and skeptical consumers to ever inhabit a waiting room. What are the service and quality demands of this new consumer?

5) Technology: The Game-changer: Advances in technology are a familiar story in healthcare, but when combined with breakthroughs in biotechnology we find ourselves in uncharted territory. From genomic’s and advances in medical devices to new diagnostic tools and treatments, technology will present unprecedented opportunities but these will be accompanied by new challenges to our bioethical concerns with privacy, risk, end-of-life care and cost.

20/20 Vision: The Reinvention of Health Care Viewed through the Lens of the ``New Consumer``

In this keynote, Dr. Clark discusses the 8 consumer-centric trends transforming American Health Care over the next 5 years creating enormous change, challenge and opportunity in their wake.

Those trends include:

• Transition from “Faith in” to “Fear of” Health Care

• The Forgotten Diversity

• Chronic Disease Pandemic and the Community Care Solution

• Lifestage vs. Age: The “New Consumer”

• The Caregiving Crisis: A Women’s Issue

• Digital Health & The New Frontier in Delivery…the Home

• Smarter Consumer, Better Choices, More Scrutiny

   The End of Insurance: Will we Be Good Ancestors?


While we are living longer and better than ever, we are simultaneously heading toward a future in which chronic disease, frailty, and a variety of long-term health problems will be pervasive. From mass dementia and the caregiving crisis to intergenerational equity and “Geriassic Park,” we are heading into uncharted ground.

As our 50 population grows by 10,000 per day, and the 65 grow from 34 million today to 70 million by 2030, our emphasis on community-based care services will need to grow dramatically. These consumers will be both “sick and well.” Is our delivery system designed for this future? This presentation explores success strategies and pathways to solutions for healthcare organizations attempting to redefine their future.


Over the next decade, leading industries, companies, governments, and major institutions will be challenged to transform their strategies, marketing, branding, distribution, product development, and workforce management to fully prepare for and capitalize on key trends created by a rapidly aging population.

As the 80-million strong baby boom migrates to the second half of life, the impact on marketing and sales will be dramatic. This generation has transformed every stage of life that they have passed through. This generation will not only be the largest mature consumer segment, it will be the longest lived. Are you prepared to deliver your product or services to this New Mature Consumer?


Somebody pushed the “reset” button on life as we know it. Healthcare reform has resulted in unprecedented social division and distrust. Recent economic events have permanently changed the business and social landscape – and the dust has not settled yet.

Unlike previous one-dimensional revolutions, this economic, demographic, social and technologic revolution, will impact each of us personally and professionally. All aspects of our lives will be affected as we prepare for the second half of life, and seek to successfully navigate the new life-stages of maturity.

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Preparing for the New Mature Consumer

The End of Retirement?

Preparing for Long Life Is A Recent Phenomena

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