Brad Nieder, MD

As one coder said to me later, 'Our jobs are so stressful. It felt good to sit there and laugh!' If it were up to me, Dr. Nieder would be my choice for a keynote every year. We can all stand to lighten up and enjoy ourselves a little more!

– American Academy of Professional Coders

About Keynote Speaker Brad Nieder

“The Healthy Humorist” – Brad Nieder, MD, CSP* – is a doctor, funny speaker and clean comedian. He’s not just another mildly amusing corporate humorist. He’s really funny. Described as “Jerry Seinfeld with an MD,” Dr. Brad was infected with the comedy bug while watching Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” monologues from the foot of his parents’ bed. When he got older and stayed up a bit later he discovered David Letterman’s “Late Night” antics. He taped and memorized George Carlin’s HBO specials. (Yes, even the dirty words. But he knows better than to repeat them on stage now.) Did we mention this healthcare comedian is clean? He wrote funny articles for his Denver high school newspaper.

Speech Topics

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Dr. Brad’s entertaining signature keynote “Laughter is the Best Medicine” is different every time he performs it, as he tailors it for every audience. Is your group stressed out? Are they dealing with change? Low morale? Burnout? Excessive regulations? New technology? Dr. Brad will customize the program for your crowd. But you can always expect the following:

First and foremost, it’s funny. The healthcare humor will tickle your funny bone and have you laughing. Dr. Brad has been known to skewer such topics as healthcare lingo, diet plans, pharmaceutical ads, medical marijuana and scrubs. He’s even been known to break into song!

Second, it’s uplifting. Dr. Brad is not a rah-rah motivational speaker like Tony Robbins (although he does have big teeth like Tony). He’s a funny doctor. Still, he’s inspiring. You may find yourself committing to lightening up and laughing more. Or to adopting a new healthy habit.

Third, it’s educational … but not in a boring way. This medical comedian will have you laughing as you learn why laughter really is good medicine … for combating stress, feeling better and living longer. And Dr. Brad always dispenses some wellness advice, too, in an entertaining manner unlike any other doctor you’ve encountered. (Oh, you can even get continuing education (CE) credits too!)

So that’s it in a nutshell: a funny doctor who delivers healthcare comedy, an uplifting message and valuable information. Inject a dose of Healthy Humor™ at your next event.

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Medical Language – Humor

Slowing The Aging Process

Healthy Music

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