Andy Core

You asked me what I would tell other meeting planners about you - its simple, if Andy is not available for your meeting, move the meeting.

– The National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service

About Keynote Speaker Andy Core

Wellness expert, professional speaker, and media personality Andy Core works with organizations and individuals who want to maximize their health and productivity save thousands of healthcare dollars, and gain a definitive edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

Andy has spent almost 25 years researching ways to become healthy, energized, and better equipped to thrive in today’s hectic society. He has studied sedentary lifestyles, dietary habits, stress, and the increasing cost of healthcare. He has conducted research on exercise and diabetes, and has explored and understands how men and women respond differently to fitness training and environmental stress.

Speech Topics

Change Your Day, Not Your Life

(based on his 2014 book release) For those seeking Work-Life Balance, Sustained Motivation, More Productivity, and the Art of Working Well

Stop for a moment and consider your average workday. Do you rush to get things done but still fall behind? Is the pressure of your work such that you “crash” when you get home? Do you want to exercise, but never have the time or the motivation to do so? Do you find yourself increasingly unhappy with your daily life and the struggle for more time? The very nature of modern life is hectic to an extent that could not have been imagined just a generation ago, leading to ever-present concerns over work-life balance.

“Change Your Day, Not Your Life” provides not only an overview of this reality, but the real-world mind-set and tools to make a change for the better. Andy Core helps hard-working, ambitious individuals increase their productivity and develop a positive work-life balance by sharing his secrets to achieving a healthy lifestyle, gaining more energy, and thriving at work through simple, realistic, and repeatable actions that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

The demands of today’s working world can easily leave you overly tired, overly stressed, and sometimes, less than enchanted with work. The problem and the paradox are this: hard working adults striving to grow often end up defaulting to daily life that is undermining their ability to stay motivated, energized and fully present. Andy Core will share with you the tips he has delivered to adults and organizations all over the U.S., Asia and Europe adding positive energy to their work, teams and personal lives. And he does so with a surprisingly simple premise – Change Your Day, Not Your Life.

Workplace Wellness - Creating Healthier Employees, Sustaining Healthcare Benefits, AND Supporting Profitable Companies

What it takes to effectively pitch, implement and sustain a successful worksite wellness program

Regardless of what the future holds for healthcare, worksite wellness programs are and will continue to be critical to sustaining healthcare benefits, not to mention profitable companies. The big question is not, “Should I implement a worksite wellness program,” but rather:

~ What does it take to effectively and persuasively pitch wellness to your stake holders?
~ After you get the yes, how do you set up your program so that you maximize participation and ROI?
~ Then, after the honeymoon period is over, what must you do to ensure your program continues to grow versus experiencing a steady decline in participation and the slow, painful death experienced by most worksite wellness programs?

In this “dig in and get your hands dirty” session, wellness consultant Andy Core, M.S. will give you doable, tactical answers to those questions, plus insights into his experience with companies like Gillette, Wal-Mart, Unilever, Clorox, Coldwell Banker, the U.S. Army and many others.

Beating the Aging Process - How to Get Fit, Fight Fat & Have Fun!

Can you have better health, more energy, and more fun? You bet! Regardless of your age or health status, this program will show you how to regain your natural mental and physical energy and beat the aging process from the inside out.

This program uses remarkable breakthroughs in mind/body science that enable you to:

~ Eliminate the top five actions everyone does almost everyday that kills their energy and attitude
~ Eat for more energy, focus, and to overcome the 3PM lull
~ Increase physical activity, beat back pain, and look a lot better
~ Beat stress, sleep like a log, and reduce the desire to strangle people
~ Build your motivation to live healthier

Gotta Have Heart: How to be Healthy and Happy in a Deep Pan Pizza World

This program will give you the heart to face your sometimes crazy and overwhelmingly busy lifestyle and come out healthy and happy. The real-life stories, illustrations and strategies in this program will give you the inspiration to start, the motivation to stick with it, and the answers to empower you to not only change your health, but change your life.

Sales Energy: Energizing Sales Professionals to Peak Performance

Do you run out of sales energy before you run out of sales opportunities? In today’s competitive environment every second, every opportunity counts. If you are not revved up at the end of the day you need to energize your Sales Stamina. If you are not “in the moment” during your peak opportunities you need to boost your Sales Intensity. If the stress of a turbo paced lifestyle is weighing you down you need to fortify your Sales Resiliency. The Sales Energy program provides tools tailored to your industry that will fuel you to reach your peak potential.

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