Vince  Poscente

Vince Poscente

At the age of 26, a recreational skier at best, Vince Poscente decided to act on his dream of becoming an Olympic athlete. He chose the sport of speed skiing and at the age of 30, he was vying for gold in the Winter Olympics. A peak performance strategist and author of The Ant and The Elephant: Leadership for the Self, Poscente has developed a series of proven strategies for attaining and sustaining peak performance, on both an individual and corporate level.

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Vince Poscente knows a little something about focus, commitment, and defying the odds. At age 26, he decided to take up speed skiing and pursue it competitively. Only four years later, he was vying for Gold in the Winter Olympics. Now an internationally-sought speaker and consultant, Poscente is the founder of Be Invinceable Group. With his infectious energy, warmth, and humor, he makes each keynote speech and consulting engagement as memorable as it is valuable.

As a Speaker Hall of Fame inductee, Poscente knows the key to making a message stick with an audience is to provide an "experience." A Vince Poscente keynote speech is an experience you're not soon to forget.

Your keynote experience is powerfully tied to Poscente's experience - as a late-blooming Olympic athlete and former VP of Marketing of North America's largest real estate investment service, CEO of a business consulting firm, and managing partner of a Dallas-based media company. He blends a high-energy presentation style with humorous anecdotes, powerful visual and audio tools, and meaningful content designed to educate and edify while it entertains.

Poscente's speech resonates long after the event itself because he so completely engages the minds, and bodies, of audiences. Painting a vivid picture, he perches on a chair and physically acts out the thrill of skiing 135-mph down a steep, icy slope. Poscente asks audience members to perform a "happy dance" and participate in their own Olympic Opening Ceremony, transporting his audiences through music and reenactment. His warmth invites trust; his stories engender an emotional bond.

Combining lessons from his remarkable Olympic experience with leadership insights from his highly successful business career, Poscente has developed a series of proven strategies for attaining and sustaining peak performance, on both an individual and corporate level. Audiences learn how to apply his time-tested techniques to ignite their vision, execute their strategies, and eclipse their competition.

To round out his remarkable insights on peak performance and corporate alignment, Poscente has just released his latest book, The Ant and The Elephant: Leadership for the Self. This quick and fun read is a parable and 5-step action plan to transform workplace performance. Destined to be a business classic, it builds on sustaining impact from Poscente's powerful keynotes.

This busy husband and father of three also reserves plenty of time for his family; perhaps it's not surprising that a man who delivers much of his keynote atop a chair would value balance. And, though he may not be clocking in under 16.5 seconds anymore, Poscente still can be found on skis and in a pink suit from time to time.

    "I have been very fortunate to hear several top speakers at large company meetings... People like Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf, Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell, Gen. Colin Powell, Barbara Bush, President Gerald Ford just to name a few. Each of these outstanding individuals has strong platform skills and a strong message. However, none combined the enthusiasm, entertainment and simple guidelines to help succeed like Vince Poscente's presentation did. Vince has a unique perspective and way of presenting these concepts that motivated me to really step up my efforts to achieve my goals."

    - Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist

    "VInce Poscente has the energy of Robin Williams, the clarity of Peter Jennings and the presentation content of Colin Powell. If you want a motivational, exciting and dynamic speaker, hire Vince."

    - BlueCross BlueShield

    "I really enjoyed every minute of Vince Poscente's speech. If there's only one thing I will take away it is that line, "Be willing to do what your competition is not willing to do!"

    - Nestle Canada Inc.