Tracey  Conway

Tracey Conway

People love a great make-over: witness Emmy award-winning actress Tracey Conway's "THEN" and "NOW" photos. Her story inspires both belly laughs and tears as she relates the circumstances and details of her cardiac arrest - twenty minutes without a heartbeat - and subsequent recovery at age 38. Audiences continue to be affected by Conway's programs where she shares the lessons she learned, not only about heart disease, but also what she has come to value most - a very rare second chance at life! Whether she's detailing her whirlwind appearance on "Oprah," or explaining the heart arrhythmia Ventricular Fibrillation, her delivery is captivating, effervescent, intimate, and guaranteed to touch hearts, minds, and funny-bones.

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Emmy award-winning actress, "Oprah" guest, and Huffington Post blogger, Tracey Conway inspires both belly laughs and tears as she relates the true story of her own sudden-death cardiac arrest at the age of 38.

During a live taping of her television sketch comedy show, "Almost Live!," Conway collapsed onstage. Stunned and riveted, her audience and colleagues participated in the emergency resuscitation that ultimately returned Conway to life through an astonishing chain of events.

Question #24 on the Seattle Fire Department's Medical Incident Report, filed by responding EMT's, asks "Patient Condition On Arrival?" and provides only two responses: 1.) Alive and 2.) Dead. On Conway's form, there is a big circle around Option 2. It's official. She is one of the less than 9% of sudden cardiac arrest victims to be successfully resuscitated out of hospital with full brain function. Further, Conway is a vibrant, non-smoking, active female - not at all the typical image of someone who would drop dead from heart problems.

Today, crowds continue to be affected by Conway's powerful and unique programs, "Staying Alive!" and "Drop Dead Gorgeous." She shares the lessons she learned in those literally heart-stopping moments - not only about heart disease, but also what she has come to value most given a very rare second chance at life, and the changes she has made that apply to virtually all audiences. Whether she's sharing the irony of dropping dead on a show titled "Almost Live!" or explaining the heart arrhythmia Ventricular Fibrillation using a Cardiac Head Cheerleader, Heather, Conway's delivery is captivating, effervescent, intimate, and guaranteed to touch hearts, minds, and funny-bones.

An Emmy award-winning actress, Conway appeared on the television sketch comedy "Almost Live!" for ten years, which aired throughout the Pacific Northwest and on the cable network Comedy Central. The popular show earned over 100 regional Emmys and ten prestigious Iris awards, the highest honor bestowed to local programming. Her performing credits include live theatre as well as appearing on HBO and in film. Conway earned BFA and MFA degrees with honors in Theatre from the University of New Mexico and the University of Southern California.

Uniquely poised to address heart disease - our nation's #1 health threat - Conway inspires both belly laughs and tears as she relates the circumstances and details of her deadly cardiac event and subsequent recovery at age 38. An internationally acclaimed speaker with engagements from Boise to Budapest, she is also penned the opening essay for Chicken Soup for the Soul, Healthy Living: Heart Disease. Sought after for her effervescent yet educated presence, she was selected to serve as a panelist on "Second Opinion," the national PBS series that shows how doctors navigate their way through tough medical decisions in a way you've never seen before. Conway has worked with the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women initiative since 2004, delivering keynotes at over 30 events from Anchorage to West Palm Beach.

Conway enjoys a variety of presentation roles ranging from keynote addresses, to emcee and moderator, to auction host. In her home city of Seattle, she is active in a number of community programs that support heart disease research and education and emergency medical services. A past board member of Seattle's Hope Heart Institute, Conway currently serves as board president of Seattle Radio Theatre and shares her home with the world's sweetest Siberian Husky, Ella.

    "Tracey was an absolute delight as the keynote speaker for our heart event! She had the audience captivated with her personal story and was attentive to the our specific needs and requests. Her educated, technical information about heart disease supported and built upon the information shared by our cardiologists. Tracey has been a pleasure to work with from start to finish and I would not hesitate to endorse her for anyone considering this wonderful lady for their event."

    - Rutland Regional Medical Center

    "Many thanks for capping off the AMTA national convention with your message of hope and inspiration! Sharing your personal experience was the perfect way to bring attendees together with a message that used humor, yet touched their hearts."

    - AMTA 2014 National Convention

    "Tracey was terrific to work with. We shared unique needs of our audience prior to her appearance and she delivered with a funny, inspiring, mission-oriented message. She even surprised us with some local references that delighted the crowd. Our attendee surveys came back giving her consistently high marks. Many said she was the favorite part of a terrific event from start to finish."

    - American Heart Assn-Go Red-Lexington

    "Tracey is one-third Ellen Degeneres, one-third Dr. Oz , one-third Lazarus and 100% worth your investment!"

    - Good Samaritan Hospital

    "You are the best person in the world to convey to others just what they/we MUST do and know. You were wonderful, funny, poignant and smart! And, you had everyone's attention, every minute."

    - American Heart Association, MI

    "Our theme this year was to focus on the healing qualities of laughter. Your 'Drop Dead Gorgeous!' presentation met this goal by providing humor plus inspiration and education, while promoting a pro-active approach to heart-health awareness. We received 'rave' reviews for your experienced actor's stage presence, your graciousness and your genuine sincerity."

    - St. Francis Foundation

    "Boy! Did our group LOVE you! I had 251 program feedback got 245 'Excellent,' ...WOW!"

    - St. Joseph Hospital

    " What a special gift you have. You are doing what we call at Providence 'holy work' - helping people to help themselves."

    - Providence St. Peter Hospital

    "Tracey Conway was our keynote speaker at a major event for our hospital system and the American Heart Association to focus on heart-health for women. Her story is one of humor and depth, and her message of women's need to take care of their health made a tremendous impact with our audience. She delivered her message in a clear and humorous way that let people laugh and learn!"

    - Women & Children's Services and Mission Outreach, Bon Secours Richmond Health System

    "Here in Silicon Valley, my speakers have to touch hearts as well as make an intellectual impact. Tracey is exactly what my cardiologists prescribe to motivate women to listen to their hearts, talk candidly with their doctors and act decisively to change--and sometimes save--their lives. Her cardiac 'arresting' story is mesmerizing, packed with laughter, tears and facts my audience needs to know. Tracey delivers every time; I give her my highest recommendation."

    - Good Samaritan Hospital

    "Tracey spoke to our group of sales representatives and wowed the audience with her command of the topic (health related), her creative approach and her wonderful stage presence. She was a true professional in every sense of the word while sharing a wonderfully warm and funny experience. I'd be happy to work with her again."

    - Merck