Tom  Connellan

Tom Connellan

When healthcare groups like Mercy Health Partners, Baylor Health Care, Glaxo, Solvay, and the University of Michigan Health System want help in taking their performance to another level, they call Tom Connellan - and with good reason. Described by one CEO as "the Dr. Phil of corporate performance," he knows first-hand what it takes to grow a business.

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If you're looking for a great keynote speaker to open your next meeting, Tom probably belongs on your short list of possibilities. Look over these five "Tom-Connellan-at-a-glance" points and see if they match what you want.

1. Captivating Presenter. Participants sense Tom's passion and enthusiasm right away. Because his presentations are fast-paced, entertaining, and informative, he keeps everyone fully engaged from start to finish.

2. Integrator. Because Tom integrates his how-to-content with your CEO's opening comments, points made by other internal and external speakers, your meeting theme, and your overall business strategy he's earned a reputation as a High ROI keynote speaker. One who makes sure that change takes place back on the job.

3. Depth of Knowledge. Because Tom is a former Program Director at the Michigan Business School's Executive Education program, you know he'll bring lots of depth and solid content to your meeting.

4. Breadth of Experience. As a company founder and former CEO, he knows first-hand what it takes to grow a business. Because Tom started a service company in the health care field and built it into a network of 1200 instructors servicing 300 hospitals and most of the Fortune 500 firms. More than 1,000,000 people participated in these programs. Because Tom knows what it's like to be on the firing line of business and your audience will connect with this practical experience.

5. Solid Credentials. Tom's clients include such diverse organizations as Marriott, FedEx, Neiman Marcus, Sony, GE, and the military. He's been the Editorial Director of four leadership and human resource magazines, a first level supervisor, and a company president. He's a best-selling business author whose books have been on major lists. Inside the Magic Kingdom is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller. Bringing out the Best in Others! is a New York Times Bestseller; it also reached #1 on Amazon's business, leadership, coaching and relationship bestseller lists.

    " Thanks so much for the outstanding message you delivered to our Annual Leadership Conference. I received many positive comments on your presentation and know our people left your session feeling enthusiastic and energized!"

    - Baylor Health Care System

    "Three-at bats and three home runs. You impressed community leaders with your breakfast presentation, motivated the 300 members of our management team at lunch, educated and entertained the board and physicians at dinner. You clearly do your homework and deliver solid content in a powerfully engaging style."

    - Mercy Health Partners

    "Thanks for the not one, but two great sessions! Physicians and staff were still talking about them days later - and with good reason. You bring passion, depth, and energy to your work. They especially appreciated your understanding of our culture and processes."

    - University of Michigan Health Systems