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Susan  Ford Bales

Susan Ford Bales

Presidential daughter and advocate for awareness of substance abuse, breast cancer and her own experience with heart disease. .The daughter of former President Gerald Ford and Betty Ford, Susan Ford Bales' adolescence was spent in the White House during one of the most turbulent times in American history. In addition to speaking about living in the White House, Bales also addresses the impact of substance abuse on her family. She is also one of the nation's most visible advocates for breast cancer awareness, and shares her own story of experiencing cardiac arrest in 2010.

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Susan Ford Bales, the daughter of former President Gerald R. Ford and Mrs. Betty Ford, has spent most of her life in the public eye. Her adolescence was spent in the White House during one of the most turbulent times in American history, and she has spoken throughout the country about her experiences during those years. She is also a widely recognized speaker on substance abuse and an advocate for breast cancer awareness. She was the former Chairman of the Board of the Betty Ford Center.

Bales addresses the impact of substance abuse on the family. She experienced firsthand the effects of the problem during her mother's successful battle against alcohol and addiction to painkillers. She also witnessed her mother's private war against breast cancer and has since become one of the nation's most visible advocates for breast cancer awareness. As a high-risk candidate herself, Bales emphasizes the importance of early detection in her numerous speeches to medical organizations, women's groups, and hospitals.

A professional photographer who studied with Ansel Adams, Bales has recently taken a different position in the public eye. As a lover of crime fiction, she used her knowledge of the inner workings of the White House to co-author a mystery novel entitled Double Exposure. She also had a second mystery, Sharp Focus. Both books are filled with fascinating details about living in the most famous house in the country, providing both an entertaining puzzle and a lesson in American history.

    "Her talk was so powerful and well received."

    - The Drug Council of Mobile, Alabama

    "Her presentation was very educational and her personal experience with her mother was particularly moving."

    - Ireland Cancer Center

    "Susan Ford was the best speaker we've had. She was so REAL. Her authenticity, emotion and sincerity were touching and refreshing. Susan is so brave to share such a personal story of love, pain, hope and forgiveness. It was good to hear from a family member. I forgot how brave Betty Ford was to bring both breast cancer and addiction out in the daylight for all to hear about."

    Cumberland Heights Foundation

    Susan Ford Bales delivers a message about cancer that is at once powerful and tender. Her family's extraordinary candor and courage during a time when cancer was rarely openly discussed inspire hope, as does her intimate and historical perspective. Susan offers camaraderie and a voice of strength as she calls upon us all to both take action and take the fear out of cancer. A seasoned, articulate, and passionate speaker, Susan shares a poignant story and a priceless glimpse into a definitive chapter in cancer advocacy.

    The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation