Stanley  Hupfeld

Stanley Hupfeld

With almost forty years of award-winning healthcare leadership experience, Stan Hupfeld brings into focus the problems existing in healthcare today and the solution for our future. Historically, health care delivery has tended to be transactional and unidirectional-in other words one doctor-one hospital stay-one insurance bill. In a post reform world all bets are off requiring a different kind of thinking when we begin to take a risk(read premium dollar) for the total care of a patient population. In that environment we must be much shrewder and have a different approach with the other stakeholders understanding why healthcare seems to defy our best thinking about how to change it and what policy alternatives give us the best hope of survival.

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Stanley Hupfeld, is the author of Political Malpractice, How The Politicians Made A Mess of Health Reform. In his book, as on the platform, he talks about The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act-or 'Obamacare' as its opponents derisively refer to it-is either the greatest piece of social legislation in the history of the United States or it is an abomination inflicted on the American public that will ultimately destroy our health system. As an insider, Stan dissects that health system and exposes the fallacies and prejudices of both political parties. He explains that, if we are willing to make hard choices, we can indeed cover the uninsured, control costs, and not bankrupt the country.

What Makes Stan An Expert?
In July 1, 1995, Stan became President and Chief Executive Officer of INTEGRIS Health, an integrated delivery system composed of INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center, and INTEGRIS Rural Health. The System comprises 13 hospitals, all in Oklahoma. Annual net revenues of the System are over $l.3 billion with 1600 beds. He was President and Chief Executive Officer of Oklahoma Healthcare Corporation and Baptist Medical Center of Oklahoma from March 1987 to that time. Effective January 1, 2010 he transitioned to Chairman of the INTEGRIS Family of Foundations, and is currently Senior Consultant.

Stan is a former member of the Board of Directors of the American Hospital Association and has served as Chairman of the Regional Policy Board (7). He has served as a Health Care Systems delegate and alternate delegate and Metro section alternate delegate on the Section for Metropolitan Hospitals Governing Council. Stan has served as Chairman of the Coalition to Project America's Health Care Board and as fund-raising Co-Chair. He has served as the Campaign Chairman and Chairman of the Board of the United Way in both Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. Stan serves on the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, and has served as Chairman of the Board in 1994; Chairman-Elect in 1993; and Vice Chairman from 1990 through 1992. He is a trustee on numerous other Boards and commissions in Oklahoma.

What Makes Stan A Winner?
Stan was a member of the 1963 National Championship Football Team - the University of Texas in Austin.

He has spoken and been published widely, and was honored as CEO Marketer of the Year by the American Society for Healthcare Planning and Marketing, and as Executive of the Year by the Sales & Marketing Executives International. He is the 2003 recipient of the W. Cleveland Rodgers Distinguished Service Award for outstanding service to the health care industry. Stan was honored in 2007 with one of the American Hospital Association's highest honors, The Award of Honor, and is also the recipient of the Friends of Nursing Award from the Oklahoma Nurses Association.

As the driving force of the nation's first hospital-sponsored charter school, Stan was honored in 2009 when the INTEGRIS Health Board of Directors voted to rename the school The Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village. He currently writes a healthcare column for a local business daily, The Journal Record.

Stan is a native of Dallas, Texas, with an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Texas in Austin, and a Masters of Science in Healthcare Administration from Trinity University. He has been honored by Trinity University as an outstanding graduate. He served as an Administrative Resident at Providence Hospital in El Paso, Texas and subsequently was the first lay-President of St. Joseph Hospital of El Paso, Texas (1973-1977).

    "You could never be a state or national elected official. Reason? You have too much good, logical sense."

    - Jerry McPeak, OK State Rep - House District 13

    "From the audience's reaction at the Governor's Conference on Aging, "You clearly hit it out of the park."

    - Terry Cline, Ph.D., OK Commissioner of Health

    "...was marvelous and well received. Bringing the issues facing seniors is important to Oklahoma."

    - Gayle Semtner, MEd, Community Development Specialist, Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative, Donald W. Reynolds Department of Geriatric Medicine, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

    "I invited Mr. Hupfeld to speak at the annual meeting of the Illinois Hospital Association. He highlighted the key concepts in his book to senior leaders as well as board members. His insight and presentation resulted in significant discussions among our board. I highly encourage any group to hear Stan review what needs to be done in healthcare."

    - David L. Schreiner, FACHE President/CEO - KSB Hospital

    "Stan Hupfeld is a nationally recognized healthcare CEO, author, community leader and one fantastic speaker. Stan has a deep and rich understanding of healthcare and a unique ability to explain it in a simple way. I have hired Stan to speak to my organization, and have seen him speak on multiple occasions. Every time the audience loved him, and I highly recommend him."

    - W. Hays Waldrop, President and CEO - The Institute of Healthcare Executives and Suppliers

    "Stan Hupfeld peels away the political rhetoric that clouds the debate surrounding health care reform."

    - Mary Stefl, PhD, Department of Health Care Administration - Trinity University