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Scott  MacEachern

Scott MacEachern

A seasoned executive with multiple talents, Scott is the creative genius of the Nike LiveStrong brand. He joined Nike in 1995 where he signed a young US cyclist named Lance Armstrong. His role at Nike evolved from sports marketing to global marketing to business creation and management. The result of Scott's efforts culminated in the creation of the yellow wristbands catapulting the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) into the global consciousness and philanthropic history with sales of over 85 million wristbands. His is a story about hope, inspiration, innovation and empowerment-told by the guy who made it happen... against all odds.

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Scott MacEachern is an executive who thinks differently and loves to challenge the status quo. At Nike for 16 years, his work influenced the global sports and fitness brand of it's potential in becoming relevant and building businesses in areas previously unimaginable. By bringing non-traditional thinking to the traditional sports company, he helped Nike enter into the world of "alternative sports" and demonstrated how corporate/philanthropic partnerships can not only "do good", but can be good business at the same time.

Widely known for signing a young Lance Armstrong in 1996 and shortly thereafter assuring Lance when he was diagnosed with cancer that he and Nike would stick by him. It is through this particular promise that began a well-documented friendship and partnership that ultimately inspired the world by encouraging us all to LiveSTRONG.

Over the years, Scott's responsibilities at Nike evolved from sports marketing to global marketing to business creation and general management. In 2001, after Lance's second Tour win, Scott began exploring the power of yellow and Lance's unique inspirational effect on people across all walks of life. The result of Scott's efforts culminated in the creation of the yellow wristbands in 2004.

The unprecedented success of the wristbands catapulted the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) into the global consciousness and philanthropic history. Over 85 million wristbands have been sold to date and countless charities have been able to benefit by mimicking the idea. Following the wristbands, Scott founded the Nike
LiveSTRONG footwear and apparel collection that continues to give back to the movement. From 2004 through today, the wristbands and the Nike LiveSTRONG collection together have generated over $130 million dollars for the LAF and solidified a new global brand.

Scott's personal story encourages us to find the things we care about in our work, to take personal responsibility for the things we see that others don't and challenges us to not give up on moving ideas to the forefront. He will leave audiences "enlightened, surprised and inspired".

    "This idea and movement of LiveSTRONG would not be here if it wasn't for Scott MacEachern"

    - Lance Armstrong

    "A great untold American story"

    - CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta

    "The Yellow Wristbands were the first true Social Network."

    - Doug Ulman, President of the Lance Armstrong Foundation

    "Scott MacEachern has experienced the power of Sport: to unify, galvanize, and uplift us with lessons that translate to business, and to life. His vision and passion gave birth to the LiveSTRONG brand. His integrity to its' core values has helped deliver a transformative message to many millions. Scott's story will leave you enlightened, surprised, and inspired."

    - ESPN's Chris Fowler

    "As the former Nike executive who added an unknown, yet up-and-coming Texas cyclist to the shoe and sportswear giant's constellation of star athletes, Scott MacEachern brings an insider's perspective to the birth of LiveSTRONG's global movement on behalf of the 28 million people living with cancer today. Scott's story resonates with corporate America because it illustrates how success can be achieved when new ideas are embraced and executed effectively."

    - Jonathan Thomas , President and Chief Executive Officer, American Century Investments

    "Scott MacEachern is the man behind the world's most successful for-profit/nonprofit partnership - Nike & the Lance Armstrong Foundation. His personal connection to the cause and passion to take action against cancer inspired his employer, Nike, to lead the way in corporate responsibility through the creation of this innovative partnership. To date, Nike has helped the Foundation raise more than $100 million for people affected by cancer."

    - Jeff Garvey, Vice Chairman and Founding Chair, Board of Directors, Lance Armstrong Foundation

    "Last night's audience was very tough and they were totally engaged. I bring in many executives to classes and almost none will have the entire room as engaged as you did last night."

    - Scott Dawson, Dean at the School of Business, Portland State University