Scott  Burton

Scott Burton

Scott Burton presents an upbeat, empowering and inspiring program on finding value and passion in life and on the job. He is a headlining comic and bestselling author who has worked with Seinfeld and Leno, written for prime-time television, and is a World-champion juggler. At the age of 30, he was diagnosed with a high grade, stage four cancer. What Burton found in the battle was not loss, but life! He turned his fears into strength, his tragedy to comedy. This is not a talk about cancer - it's a talk about potential. Burton's high-energy and very entertaining program goes beyond the fear of cancer or struggle in life and calls for joy, laughter, and expression of self every day.

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When Scott Burton tells his story, nobody cries. They laugh like they never thought they would. An award-winning comic, champion juggler, author, and a cancer survivor , Burton is working to bring his message of the human side of the cancer experience to healthcare professionals and survivors nationwide - in a way never seen before.

Cancer: a medical and emotional disease
In understanding cancer, most people hear the medical and statistical sides of the story. But Burton recognizes that cancer is actually two diseases - a medical one and an emotional one - and he's fought the battle on both fronts. At the age of 30, he was diagnosed with a high-grade osteo scarcoma above his right knee. Seven months of chemotherapy and a limb-saving cadaverous allograph gave Burton the inspiration to speak to fellow survivors and healthcare professionals.

Burton's show is not just about cancer. And it's not just about humor. It's about opportunity and recognizing the empowering tools that are available to us all - tools that open the door to not only healing, but loving life. With refreshing honesty, experienced stand-up comedy, and world class juggling, Burton has broken convention by crafting a comedy routine - laced with joy and passion - that is delighting laughter-hungry survivors and healthcare professionals across the country. Audiences quickly learn that his is not simply a story about cancer. It is the story of life - and in every life there is humor and joy to embrace.

Award-winning comic and juggler
An award-winning comic and world champion juggler who has worked with Jay Leno and Louie Anderson, Burton has also written for prime-time television. He has spoken for medical symposiums, fundraisers, and survivor programs throughout the country, including the Oncology Nursing Society's National Congress (twice), MD Anderson's Patient Conference, Virtua Health Foundation's 10th Anniversary Howard S. Fiala Lecture Series, and The Network for Oncology Research and Communication, as well as multiple American Cancer Society functions and Survivor Day events. For nurses and medical conferences, Burton's show is available for CEUs and is a powerful statement on the perspective of the patient, plus a call for passion on the job. It offers first rate entertainment in a credited educational program!

Author of humorous book on cancer survival
Burton is the author of A Life in the Balance, a refreshingly honest, funny, and inspirational book about surviving cancer as told through the eyes of this stand-up comic. He has written several articles which have appeared in Coping magazine, MGI Pharma's Comfort Zone, as well as The Minneapolis StarTribune. Burton was also selected as a contributor to the next printing of Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul.
Hospice Advocate
Burton's unique fusion of stand-up comedy, world-class juggling, and profound cancer stories makes for one of the most unusual, energetic, and inspiring talks available to healthcare professionals and survivors alike. Having his father and friends receive hospice and palliative care, he has become a believer that people have choices in their lives and is an advocate for hospice care.

    "We have had many speakers in the past from the top business "gurus" to positive thinkers. Your presentation received the highest ratings ever."

    - Amgen

    "In one word... WOW!"

    - Advantek

    "You do a wonderful job of blending side-splitting laughter with a serious topic and upbeat message. Your message was appropriate for any audience, and your delivery was superb. Your appearance made me look like a genius!"

    - LifeTouch

    "Without any hesitation, I would most certainly regard your performance as one of the best that any of us have ever witnessed, not only for the quality of the comedy and your physical skills but also the inspirational component which uplifted us all."

    - Catskills Radiation Oncology Consultants

    "Wow! Where do I even begin to thank you for your wonderful presentation? The part of the evaluations that one cannot portray on paper is the opportunity that you provided individuals to laugh who I have NEVER seen laugh in the many years that I have known them."

    - St. Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

    "Your presentation was simply breathtaking. I cannot tell you how impressed I am by your spirit, your soul and the authenticity of your message. It is a gift to so many with and without cancer."

    - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

    "Words fail me, and that doesn't happen very often. From all of us who worked on the conference, a heartfelt thank you for giving us such a rare and joyful experience."

    - Talbot Hospice Foundation

    "Thanks for sending us off on a fulfilled experience...Bring him back,"

    -Hospice and Palliative Care Association of Iowa

    "Staff were talking about your presentation for days. Some of the comments; 'truly funny', 'I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard', 'this is a presentation that celebrated nursing'! Your dynamic performance and inspirational message for the nursing profession was just what we wanted for this event!"

    -Nursing Celebration-Aurora Sinai Medical Center