Roger W Crawford

Roger W Crawford

Born with severe physical disabilities, Roger Crawford notes that his parents were told that he would never walk. But against all odds, Crawford focused on his strengths, conquered his challenges to become an award-winning college athlete at Loyola Marymount University, where he was the first and only athlete with four impaired limbs to compete in a Division 1 college sport. Named by Sports Illustrated as "one of the most accomplished physically challenged athletes in the world," Crawford uses courage, passion, humor and hard-won wisdom to inspire audiences to reevaluate their own limitations - real or imagined.

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Roger Crawford lives and shares an unforgettable message of authentic courage. As an award-winning speaker Roger has equipped audiences throughout the world to break through self imposed limitations and achieve maximum performance. More than 5000 organizations have gained the competitive edge as they applied the proven principles necessary to conquer change and reach new levels of achievement.

Sports Illustrated calls Roger one of the most accomplished physically challenged athletes in history. Roger becoming an NCAA Division 1 tennis champion is a powerful testament to showing that choices matter more than circumstances.

Roger's inspiring life story was included in the original Chicken Soup for the Soul series. He has been a featured guest on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and CNBC and has been profiled in well-known publications such as USA Today, Men's Fitness and Fast Company. NBC was awarded an Emmy for a television movie that featured Roger's extraordinary accomplishments.

In addition to his speaking success he is an internationally acclaimed author and his books have been translated into 11 languages. His most recent book, THINK AGAIN! Discover Possibilities Hidden in Plain Sight.

A recognized champion on and off the tennis court, Roger is a living example that all of us have the ability to achieve our possibilities despite the obstacles.

    "Your personally tailored presentation inspired everyone and made the difference between an excellent meeting and one people will never forget."

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    "People were enthralled with your presentation...your keynote presentation helped to make this year's meeting one of our best ever."

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    "Your message became a focal point of the conference, and provided us with a common language from which we could communicate a true understanding of the concepts conveyed. It is rare to find a speaker so entertaining and enjoyable during their presentation and equally memorable and quotable hours after their presentation. You have a true gift for both delivering your message and creating a lasting impression on the listener."

    - North Carolina Rehabilitation Association

    "You have been one of our most dynamic speakers to date. I have been with the Association for over 20 years and very rarely have I seen a speaker get a standing ovation! You had the full undivided attention of the audience for your entire presentation. You also did your homework in meeting out theme."

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    "Roger was exceptional...every one of us in leadership positions felt he was the best keynote we have ever had - and we have heard a lifetime of keynote addresses!!! His blend of humor and powerful points was well balanced. I cannot make any suggestions for improvement."

    - Council for Exceptional Children

    "The Summit was a success in large measure due to the tone that you set. Your comments were the perfect balance for our group, and you truly inspired our folks to motivate change! American Express won't soon forget Roger Crawford!"

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