Lucinda  Bassett

Lucinda Bassett

Few people have witnessed as many traumatic life experiences as mental health expert and CEO, Lucinda Bassett. From parental alcoholism, sexual molestation, numerous family deaths, and her husband's suicide, Lucinda has drawn on her pain, anxiety and emotional distress to create a powerful message of motivation, hope and inner peace. The author of four books on mental health including the best-seller, From Panic To Power," Lucinda has appeared as a guest on national TV shows including "Oprah" and "The View," and "Live With Regis and Kelly." Lucinda moves audiences with her powerful stories of loss and success and inspires them to conquer their own fears and tragedies and find happiness in their lives.

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Lucinda Bassett has a passion for helping others achieve personal transformation; her greatest satisfaction comes from effectively guiding people through fear, challenge, change, and loss to a life of happiness and fulfillment. Lucinda's desire to serve originates in her own story of transformation: in her 20's, she overcame a debilitating anxiety disorder by discovering a powerful solution to her emotional pain and distress.

In her first book, From Panic to Power, Lucinda provided an intimate account of her struggle and triumph over anxiety and depression; it quickly became a bestseller, and paved the way for two subsequent bestselling books.
Life Without Limits contains Lucinda's effective techniques for unleashing the power within to achieve one's dreams. And The Solution offers techniques that guide readers in conquering their fears so they may conduct their lives with clarity and confidence.

Her latest book, Truth Be Told, is Lucinda's long-awaited autobiography, an exceptionally candid description of her turbulent personal life: the painful legacy of her father's alcoholism, the sexual molestation she suffered as a little girl, her debilitating panic attacks and agoraphobia, her son's battle with Tourette's Syndrome, the wrenching deaths of her sister, two brothers, and mother and the unthinkable circumstances surrounding her beloved husband's tragic suicide.

Every one of Lucinda's traumatic life experiences have provided potent motivation, and she has expanded her work to assist those who have suffered various types of tragedy, including the loss of loved ones through suicide the number one cause of death in the United States today. Lucinda's drive to aid those who are struggling with that unbearable loss is, for her, a logical consequence of her own battle with guilt, blame, anger and shame after the devastating loss of her husband.
Lucinda believes that, if she could find the strength to honor his memory, protect their children, and save their finances and their home all of which eventually allowed her to find peace she can help others find their own peaceful resolution

She has appeared on "Oprah," "The View," "Live with Regis and Kelly," "Robert Schuller's Hour of Power," and hundreds of other national radio and television programs. Lucinda and her work have been featured in a full range of high-profile publications: Health, Family Circle, Cosmopolitan, and The Journal of Clinical Psychology.

    Lucinda Bassett's life journey will inspire others to move beyond extreme pain and find peace again.

    Kenny Loggins, Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, guitarist, author

    I think the reason that her program works is that Lucinda, who put the program together, overcame the issues that people who are watching and learning from it have. If we program our mind in anxious and worrying ways, you're going to get anxiety and worry. Positive thinking is saying, "Okay, there might be some things that happen today that I didn't plan on or I don't really like, but I can deal with it because I'm a problem solver. I know that I can deal with this" and it's just amazing if you program your mind in positive ways.

    Ken Blanchard, author, The One Minute Manager

    Lucinda's capacity for love, empathy, and forgiveness is her key to the immortality. I believe that destiny follows from a life that touches fellow travelers in those shared moments of love and beauty that transcend the inevitable losses that intrude in this gift of being.

    Owen Stanley Surman, MD Psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

    Truth Be Told tells an intimate, powerful, and riveting story of success and loss. Everyone has tragedies in their lives; it is what one does with them that matters most. This book will be an inspiration to many, especially to anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide.

    Dr. Daniel Amen, Author of Change Your Brain Change Your Life and Unleash the Power of the Female Brain