Laurie  Dhue

Laurie Dhue

(Topic: Substance Abuse) Veteran broadcast journalist and host of the investigative program "For the Record" on TheBlaze TV. - For more than 15 years, anchor Laurie Dhue lived a double life, struggling with acute alcoholism while holding down several high profile broadcasting jobs for Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC. Her addiction nearly killed her-- until one day she decided to save her life. She has been clean and sober for more than six years and shares her experience, strength and hope to help shed light on a disease that affects tens of millions of Americans. By overcoming her greatest fear, living without alcohol, Laurie is a testament to the power of determination, willingness, honesty and love. Happy, joyous and free, Laurie is living a life beyond her wildest dreams, thanks to her journey of recovery. Her courageous story will inspire you!

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Laurie Dhue is a New York-based TV broadcaster and media strategist. She is a news anchor and host of the investigative program "For the Record" on TheBlaze TV. Dhue is the Founder and President of her own consultancy, Laurie Dhue Media.

Dhue is the only anchor to have hosted shows on the three primary cable news networks: CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel. Dhue spent nearly eight years at Fox News, where she hosted the highly-rated "Fox Report" weekend edition and appeared weekly on "The O'Reilly Factor" and "Geraldo at Large". During her tenure at Fox News, Dhue reported extensively from the Middle East.

Before joining Fox News Channel, Dhue hosted several shows on MSNBC and served as substitute news anchor on NBC's "Weekend Today Show." Dhue began her broadcasting career at CNN, where she became one of the youngest full-time anchors in the network's history.

In her 22-year career, Dhue has interviewed countless international leaders as well as politicians, celebrities and newsmakers. She has covered every major news event since the early 1990s as a writer, producer, reporter and anchor.

A person in long-term recovery from alcoholism, Dhue has worked with the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). She is also a member of the Caron Foundation's New York Advisory Board and the board of the National Youth Recovery Foundation. Dhue travels from coast-to-coast as a recovery advocate, giving speeches, moderating discussions and hosting events on behalf of recovery organizations such as Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR), Caron, Hazelden and The Betty Ford Center just to name a few.

Dhue hails from Atlanta. She received her BA in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was an Academic All-American Varsity Swimmer.

    "Thanks so much for the spectacular presentation on Wednesday night at the Philadelphia fundraising event. Your message was terrific. As I mentioned, I have heard hundreds of these during the past 28 years, and yours was amongst the very best! Your message about stigma, 'putting a face on recovery,' the positive impact on society with recovery, and the plug for Breakthrough were all done with a great deal of grace and class. I am so delighted that you have joined the New York Advisory Board. You have so much to offer, as we continue to further the mission of helping individuals and families "

    - Caron Foundation

    "Laurie tells her story with eloquent finesse and heartfelt conviction, a rare combination of style and substance that inspires everyone to believe in the power of hope, help and healing. Nobody who hears Laurie doubts that power. She reminds us that from adversity comes opportunity, and she's using her own life to inspire others to do the same. What can I say? Laurie's just a really nice person."

    - Hazelden

    "Laurie Dhue presented to the largest audience in the history of JMATE, the National Joint Meeting on Adolescent Treatment Effectiveness in Washington, DC. Her energy and depth of conviction as she spoke made the audience of over 1200 people feel they were alone in the room with her. She gave a highly articulate and clear description of the challenges of addiction. With her powerful delivery, she touched hearts, made us laugh and called us to action. Her presentation set the tone for the three-day conference. She not only engaged the audience from start to finish, she was extremely adept at managing a panel discussion that added to the substance of the program through her questions and comments. She is a rare find as a speaker who can deliver a powerful message while connecting on a personal level with a large audience."

    - National Youth Recovery Foundation