Kathleen  Passanisi, PT

Kathleen Passanisi, PT

An internationally recognized speaker, humorist, medical professional, and author, Kathleen Passanisi is an expert in the field of therapeutic humor and its impact on health and corporate morale. Author of It's Your Life, Choose Well and the self-proclaimed poster-person of the Sandwich Generation, Passanisi brings substance, style, and clean hilarity to her universal content, guaranteeing a successful meeting and a lasting impact on those involved. During her enlivening and enlightening programs, participants will learn how to reduce stress, improve well-being, enhance creativity, and make life at home and work more fun.

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Changing Perspectives-Transforming Lives. That's what Kathleen Passanisi is all about. Often called "a meeting planner's dream," Kathleen delivers compelling customized content on life balance, the therapeutic value of humor, and dealing with the challenges of life in the "sandwich generation." Her credentials and track record as a healthcare professional, businesswoman, and Hall of Fame Speaker assure you she is one of the very best�whether for The Fortune 100, healthcare groups, or major women's events.

When only the best will do, meeting planners consistently choose Kathleen because she is a Hall of Fame speaker, healthcare professional, therapeutic humor expert, author, and the filling spilling out of the Sandwich Generation. Her presentations are as fall-down funny as they are powerfully motivating. Bazillions of people have eagerly soaked up her ideas on life balance, stress management and making their world easier and a whole lot more fun. Kathleen brings substance, style, and clean hilarity to her universal content, guaranteeing a successful event with lasting effects. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, U.S. News and World Report, Working Woman magazine, and England's Sunday Business.


New Perspectives is the company Kathleen founded in 1987 to address issues in wellness, stress management, life balance, and the link that exists between humor and health. Her ability to customize programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of fields and all levels of staff has resulted in long-term clients that include The Fortune 100, major healthcare systems, leading universities, seriously ill people, overly serious people, all kinds of associations, and tons of women's groups.

    "This was your 4th return engagement...and each time you seem to improve on near perfection."

    - St. Alexius Hospital - Tenet

    "[Kathleen] presented to our cancer survivor celebration . . .and certainly did lighten their load. It was an incredibly joyful experience to observe her rapport with the audience and their response to her message on the therapeutic value of humor and laughter. Lightening Life's Load with Laughter accomplished exactly what it claims, not an easy task for people dealing with the difficulties often encountered in a struggle with cancer."

    - St. Joseph Health Center

    "Your presentation surpassed everything we had anticipated at our Physicians Retreat. Your ability to tailor a two- hour presentation to meet the criteria for everyone in the group was SPECTACULAR!"

    - Paracelsus Healthcare Corporation

    "[Your program] was chocked full of pertinent, practical advice for managing life's challenges - and it was delivered in an hilarious, yet respectful tone. You contribute more than medicine alone can provide for maintaining a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit."

    - St. John's Mercy Medical Center

    "Your talent for finding humor in real life situations kept our women agents' heads bobbing in recognition and agreement. The woman sitting next to me laughed so hard, tears streamed down her face for the better part of the 75 minutes. Above all, you taught us how important it is for women agents to share their experiences, to feel connected to each other and to our Companies. Your contribution toward that feeling is tangible and can be measured in the agents' increased well-being and resulting sales."

    - Mutual of Omaha Companies

    "It was a privilege to have you return for your third year and present 'Managing Change By Changing Your Tune.' A total of 957 employees attended one of the six days you presented. Your concern for providing a relevant, meaningful presentation shows your commitment to excellence as a speaker. Every portion of the program was carefully scripted to demonstrate a point to give useful information for health care providers as we deal with the changes in our industry."

    - Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital