Douglas  Lipp

Douglas Lipp

As former head of training at Disney Studio's Walt Disney University, Doug Lipp understands the power of a strong organizational culture. Lipp brings audiences into the unique culture of customer service that sets Disney apart. In the process he shows them how to design a system that works for their own industry - outlining ideas that will enable them to create the same kind of "service magic" in their organization. He has authored six books. His latest, The Changing Face of Today's Customer, reveals how to develop a "cultural sense" in addition to common sense about customer service.

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What is the magic of Disney? Join Doug Lipp as he takes you on an entertaining and insightful journey behind the scenes to discover both the secret of Disney's success and how it has overcome spectacular challenges.

Doug Lipp, an internationally acclaimed expert and author on customer service, leadership and global competitiveness, motivates and challenges audiences around the world as a consultant and speaker. Doug has spent over 25 years working from the front lines to the boardrooms of corporations around the world.

Formerly the head of training at Disney Studio's Walt Disney University, Doug also worked at Disneyland where he provided the well-known "Traditions" orientation program and other leadership courses. Doug was fast-tracked into management after extensive training in all aspects of theme park operations. During these years, Doug found that even strong organizations like Disney must embrace change and be willing to innovate.

Fluent in Japanese and with a Master's degree in International Business Communication, Doug was on the start-up team for Tokyo Disneyland, Disney's first international theme park. Both when he worked for NEC Electronics and currently in his private consulting practice, Doug addresses the topics of global and domestic customer service, leadership, and cultural diversity with his clients in the U.S. and abroad.

    "The key to your successful presentation was your ability to blend an important message with an approach which is effective to an international audience. The examples you shared from your days with Disney in Japan and the U.S. made your message all the more enjoyable."

    - IBM

    "Thank you for a wonderful learning experience. Your witty Disney experiences offer invaluable lessons in client service.Your references to our personal challenges made for a seamless presentation. You left the participants enlightened and energized".

    - Merrill Lynch

    "Your engaging style and personal experience supported your key topics of communication, leaerhip and the need for constant change. We are in a hugely competitive market and your stories of how Disney differentiated itself from the competition were inspiring to all."

    - Pepsico