Daniel  Friedland, MD

Daniel Friedland, MD

Daniel Friedland, MD, is an internationally recognized thought leader and a passionate and dynamic keynote speaker, educator, coach and consultant on Evidence-Based Medicine, Health, Wellness and Productivity. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, serves on the Board of Directors of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and is the author of Evidence-Based Medicine: A Framework for Clinical Practice, one of the first textbooks on this topic.

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Daniel Friedland, MD is a thought leader, keynote speaker, educator and consultant in Evidence-Based Medicine and Health and Wellness. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and is the author of Evidence-Based Medicine: A Framework for Clinical Practice, one of the first textbooks on this process that has become the standard by which healthcare providers make effective medical decisions.

Inspired by his medical training at the University of California, San Francisco (where he is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine), he discovered how the framework of evidence-based medicine not only promotes scientific intelligence but also cultivates emotional, social and spiritual intelligence to achieve a more holistic experience of health and well-being.

An in-demand expert in decision-making and promoting scientific and emotional intelligence, Dr. Friedland has delivered over a thousand programs to physicians, allied healthcare professionals, patients, the US Army and Navy, executives and employees in Fortune 500 companies, and for Vistage, a leading global network of CEO's.

Dr. Friedland serves as Medical Director for Barney & Barney insurance brokerage, on the Board of Directors for the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, and as the Founder and CEO of SuperSmartHealth, which provides Seminars, Consulting, Health Coaching, and Wellness Programs, including the newly released 8-week online resiliency program: The 4 in 4 Framework to Achieve Peak Performance, that enables individuals to navigate stress and optimize their health, relationships and productivity.


Leveraging Evidence-Based Medicine as an Architecture for Inspiration
After writing one of the early books and more than a decade of training thousands of healthcare providers on how to practice Evidence-Based Medicine, Dr. Daniel Friedland shares how in a flash of inspiration 3 years ago, he discovered how this framework can be used to harness inspiration itself.

Dr. Friedland will then share how this framework can also be used to empower healthcare leaders and providers to:
- Cultivate resiliency
- Prevent burnout
- Enhance their and their patients' satisfaction in the delivery of healthcare

Rediscovering the Spirit of Healthcare
Dr. Friedland discusses the factors that predict healthcare provider burnout and satisfaction in delivering health care. He then introduces his 4 in 4 in Framework that includes skills and practices integrating brain science, mindfulness practice, cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology and the framework of evidence-based medicine to empower participants to:
- Navigate stress
- Maintain life balance
- Rediscover their sense of meaning and fulfillment in caring for their patients, their loved ones and themselves

The 4 in 4 Framework for Conscious Leadership
Geared for leaders in healthcare, this presentation leverages Dr. Friedland's 4 in 4 Framework, a system that integrates brain science, cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, evidence-based medicine and mindfulness practice to facilitate social, emotional and spiritual intelligence that empowers leaders to:
1) More fully recognize and manage reactive thoughts, feelings and behaviors that can hijack conscious leadership
2) Reappraise their underlying triggers of stress and self-doubt so they can more fully focus their attention on what's truly important
3) Strategically manifest a vision that expresses the specific values that provide the organization with a collective sense of meaning and purpose
4) Stay on track by mindfully framing the "right" questions, and finding and trusting the "right" answers to continually realign their actions with their core values, vision and purpose...as well as inspire this process in others to promote a more conscious culture

Optimizing Brain Health for Peak Performance
In this presentation, Dr. Friedland, shares key research in brain science and scientifically proven skills and practices that enable participants to optimize and rewire their brain to:
- Become more resilient and recover more rapidly from stress
- Think more clearly and creatively
- Make better decisions
- Achieve and enhance their peak performance at home and at work

Evidence-Based Medicine:
Current Applications to Clinical Practice

In this program Dr. Friedland covers:
- Evolving trends in the practice of EBM
- The definition and components of EBM
- How to formulate well-framed clinical questions
- How to efficiently search for the best available evidence
- How to systematically evaluate medical literature using a 5-Step Guide that empowers you to determine whether the literature is relevant and believable, what the truly important findings are, and how to apply the findings to patient care

How to Write Evidence-Based Educational Prescriptions for Patients
In this program Dr. Friedland covers:
- How patients currently search for health information on the Internet
- How the framework of Evidence-Based Medicine can be used to support the rise of the smart patient
- How to direct patients to some of the best consumer-friendly websites.
- How to help patients determine what information they can trust and what to ignore
- How to direct patients to a rich repository of patient decision aids that empower shared decision-making

An Integrative Holistic Approach to Evidence-Based Medicine
In this program Dr. Friedland covers:
- How Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) fits within the framework of Integrative Holistic Care
- The unique challenges of applying EBM to Integrative Medicine
- The best available Integrative Medicine resources to find information and stay up to date
- How to best leverage EBM to make decisions in Integrative Medicine
- How to empower patients with this integrative holistic approach to EBM to foster shared-decision making and patient-centered care


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    "Danny Friedland was a tremendous asset to the 2012 Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit. He energized and delighted our group. His presentation was the second highest rated by participants (second only to Whole Foods Market co-CEO Walter Robb) and his practicum was the highest rated out of six. I highly recommend Danny and his work."

    - Jeff Klein, Director, Conscious Capitalism, Inc., Producer, 2012 CC CEO Summit

    "As a Vistage Chair for 24 years...I've seen first-hand how stress stands in the way, impairing communication, relationships and the ability to lead, as well as the toll it takes on health and the bottom line of companies and one's own life...Daniel Friedland MD's "Achieve Peak Performance" program offers a powerful solution for companies looking to help their employees successfully navigate stress and enhance productivity...I highly recommend Dr. Friedland's services to companies looking to make a difference while improving on their bottom line in these times of ever-increasing stress."

    - Vistage

    "Dr. Friedland presented "Achieve Peak Performance" to SHaRE, a Senior HR group, of which I have been a member for more than four years. This program received the best response of any presentation this group has offered...Dr. Friedland's program was timely, intellectually stimulating and actionable. It made sense and helped the executives better understand how the brain functions in times of stress and its impact on the health of the workforce. In short, it provided great insight and a roadmap for stress in the workplace and in life. I highly recommend Dr. Friedland."

    - Nancy Nell & Associates

    "In only a few short sessions I have learned to identify stressful situations that could get me into a fight or flight mode so I can then overcome that primal reaction and get myself to go to clarity and flow easier and sooner. In learning the basic functions on how our brain works, identifying stress triggers and using the tools and methods that Dr. Friedland has taught me I have been able to raise my emotional quotient (EQ), address business situations with alert and clear thinking and make more effective decisions that have lead me to be much more productive...Dr. Friedland is brilliant and compassionate and has a keen sense to getting right to the heart of the situation."

    - Life Sciences Information Technology Global Institute

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