Cynthia  Green, PhD

Cynthia Green, PhD

One of America's foremost memory fitness and brain health experts, Cynthia R. Green, Ph.D. is a speaker, author and spokesperson, currently serving on the faculty of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine where she founded The Memory Enhancement Program. The success of this widely praised program led to the publication of Dr. Green's popular self-help book, Total Memory Workout: 8 Easy Steps to Maximum Memory Fitness, which is now in its tenth printing and has been translated into four languages. Her latest book, Your Best Brain Ever, written in collaboration with the National Geographic Books, was named a "2013 Top Guide to Life After 50" by the Wall Street Journal.

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Cynthia R. Green, Ph.D., is one of America's foremost memory fitness and brain health experts. Dr. Green is the founder and president of Memory Arts, LLC, a company that provides memory fitness and brain health training to organizations, corporations, and individuals. She is also an acclaimed author, respected lecturer, and sought-after spokesperson known for her engaging and personable presentation style. Dr. Green has appeared on Good Morning America, The Early Show, 20/20, Fox News, The Martha Stewart Show, CNBC, and National Public Radio's "Talk of the Nation," as well as in the pages of Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The London Standard, Good Housekeeping, Prevention, and Parenting.

Dr. Green received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from New York University. Since 1990, she has served on the faculty of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, where she is currently an assistant clinical professor in the department of psychiatry. Dr. Green is a recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease, having served as co-principal investigator on a number of clinical trials that evaluated treatments for this condition.

In 1996, Dr. Green founded The Memory Enhancement Program at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, a unique and innovative approach to enhancing memory fitness in healthy adults of all ages. The success of this widely praised program led to the publication of Dr. Green's popular self-help book, Total Memory Workout: 8 Easy Steps to Maximum Memory Fitness (Bantam Books, 1999), which is now in its tenth printing and has been translated into four languages. Dr. Green's other books include Through the Seasons (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008; with Joan Beloff), an activities book for memory-challenged adults and their caregivers; and Brainpower Game Plan: Food, Moves, and Games to Clear Brain Fog, Boost Memory, and Age-Proof Your Mind in 4 Weeks (Rodale, 2009), which features a 30-day "game plan" based on sound science that trains and encourages adults to build better brain health habits through regular exercise, proper diet, and practical brain-training techniques. Written with the editors of Prevention magazine, Brainpower has been featured on Dr. Phil and The Today Show and continues to receive rave reviews from both readers and clinicians who treat memory disorders. More recently Dr. Green collaborated with Marbles The Brain Store to produce "The Good Thinking Kit," which has been featured on The Martha Stewart Show and endorsed by the U.S. Memory Championship. Dr. Green's latest book, 30 Days to Total Brain Health, scheduled for release fall of 2011, is a practical and easy-to-use introduction to brain fitness.

Dr. Green maintains a private practice in New York City. Originally from Greensboro, N.C., she currently resides in northern New Jersey with her husband and their three children.

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The Total Memory Workout: 8 Easy Steps to Maximum Memory Fitness
Keynote or Half-Day Format

Quit losing the car keys. Retain more details from conversations. And - best of all - never forget another name. Those are just a few of the benefits audiences take home from this popular program based on Dr. Green's acclaimed book Total Memory Workout. Offering practical advice for improving everyday memory performance that is based on rock-solid science, this presentation covers:

- How we learn and remember everything
- The real reasons why we forget
- 8 steps we can take right now to boost our everyday recall and lower our dementia risk

Total Brain Health: Why Everything You Do Matters to Your Memory and Brain Vitality - And What You Should Do About It
Keynote or Half-Day Format

What exactly does it mean to be brain healthy? What does the current science teach us about the steps we need to take to perform effectively every day as well as protect our most vital organ over the long term. "Total Brain Health" presents Dr. Green's unique, integrated wellness approach to brain wellness. This signature program covers:

- What brain health really means
- The real science behind memory improvement and brain health - separating the facts from the fiction
- The "Total Brain Health" approach to improving performance and lowering dementia risk for your lifetime

Memory Matters: Simple Strategies for Increasing Workplace Effectiveness
Keynote or Half-Day Format

Excellent memory is critical for success in today's business world. Employees need to handle multiple tasks, manage details and maximize their performance and time. More and more companies realize that strong memory skills are essential to quality work performance - and their bottom line. Dr. Green will teach your audience simple, scientifically-grounded yet highly actionable steps they can take in just minutes a day to boost productivity and improve memory, including:

- Simple steps we can take to boost our focus and productivity
- How to juggle multiple tasks without "dropping the ball"
- Remember essential facts and get the most out of trainings
- How to always remember customers' names and other essential facts


Leading a Brain Healthy Life: How Daily Choices We Make Can Maximize Memory and Boost Brain Fitness
Keynote and Half-Day Format

Many of us frustrated by forgetfulness are unaware that the lifestyle choices we make day to day affect how we perform at work and at home. Yet there is overwhelming evidence that many factors we deal with daily - such as fatigue, diet, or emotional distress - can really lower our memory potential. This presentation identifies lifestyle factors that matter to memory and gives practical, actionable tips that put us back in charge of our brain health, including:

- How daily life is related to memory
- Lifestyle factors most likely to lower memory potential
- The 10 simple yet essential steps to leading a brain healthy life

Food for Thoughts: How to Eat with Your Brain in Mind
Keynote and Half-Day Format

How does what we eat affect our memory and long-term brain health? The answer might surprise even the savviest health aware folks among us. "Food for Thoughts" offers solid, practical advice about the relationship between our diet, everyday intellectual performance and brain fitness as we age. Topics covered include:

- Why diet matters to both memory performance and our long-term brain health
- The nine critical steps of a brain healthy diet
- The real scoop on supplements

I Don't Have Time to Relax! Stress Management for Busy People
Keynote and Half-Day Format

To be stressed is human. Yet many of us are unaware of the serious impact stress can have on our bodies and our minds. Developing good stress management solutions is a critical part of any overall personal wellness plan designed to keep us at peak performance for work and play. This highly interactive presentation gives audience solid, practical advice on managing stress including:

- What the science shows us about stress and our health
- How to identify what is stressing us out
- Simple stress management strategies we can really use


Get Organized! Why Managing Your Life Matters to Your Memory and What You Can Do About It
Keynote and Half-Day Format

It is difficult for you to accomplish all you need to do in a day? Could you keep better track of what you need to do and get more done if you were better organized? "Get Organized!" gives audience members solid, practical advice about organization and time management, including:

- Why organized people remember better, and what we can learn from them
- The most important ways we can organize for memory effectiveness
- How to boost personal organizational skills to make the most of one's time

Train Your Brain: Simple Strategies for Getting All You Want to Remember
Keynote and Half-Day Format

Having a no-fail strategy to learn and retain things we want to remember is key to memory effectiveness. This interactive presentation teaches audience members how to use several simple yet proven techniques to boost our recall for all kinds of information, such as passwords, account numbers and names. "Train Your Brain" covers:

- Why the ancient Greeks and Romans used memory strategies, and what we can learn from them
- Why memory strategies are key to improving performance at work and home
- 8 powerful yet highly effective strategies we can use to rev up our recall for anything we must remember

Remember What Your Read, See and Hear: Time-Tested Techniques for Revving Up Recall for Stories, Movies and Conversations
Keynote and Half-Day Format

Frustrated by forgetting things you read in the newspaper or for work, see on TV or hear in conversation? This presentation teaches simple yet incredibly effective strategies guaranteed to boost retention for information that we read, see or hear. Audiences learn:

- The unique challenges of remembering information we read, see or hear
- 7 easy but invaluable ways to learn a list of items, directions, talking points, etc.
- Dr. Green's sure-fire SING strategy for recalling things such as conversations, written materials, or TV shows

Remember the People You Meet: Sure-fire Strategies For Learning Names
Keynote and Half-Day Format

Tired of drawing a blank on names over and over again? Forgetting names is the number one memory complaint of adults worldwide. Yet effective name recall can be critical to our success at work and at play. Happily all of us, no matter how young, can easily learn simple strategies guaranteed to help us never drop names again. This presentation, popular with audiences of all ages, covers:

- Why names are so hard to remember
- General tips to rev up your recall for names
- Six easy yet sure-fire strategies proven to boost name recall


Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds: What Every Woman Should Know
We may lead life with our hearts in mind, but what about our brains? While many of us worry about memory loss as we age, we often don't make the connection between cardiovascular health, our everyday intellectual vitality and long-term dementia risk. Yet vascular causes of cognitive impairment account for approximately 30% of dementia in the U.S., second only to Alzheimer's disease. What can medicine teach us about the heart-brain connection and how we can best use that information to inform the actions we take towards a lifestyle that is healthy for both our hearts and our minds. This presentation will cover:

- Why heart health matters to our memory function and long-term independence and vitality
- What the current science shows us about the heart-brain relationship
- Three critical steps every woman should take for better heart-mind health, for herself as well as for her family

Why Losing Your Car Keys Doesn't Mean You are Losing Your Mind: 10 Easy Steps Women Can Take to Rev Up Recall and Build Better Brain Power
Keynote or Half-Day Format

Brain health is a hot health topic. But what exactly does it mean to be brain healthy? How can we make sure we stay sharp, nimble and able to keep on top of all that we juggle at work and at home? Can we really do anything to avoid serious memory loss and stay brain healthy as we age?

This presentation covers all things brain health, including:

- The science behind women's brain health - what it shows and what it doesn't
- What every woman should know about planning for better brain fitness
- The top 10 changes women can make to sharpen memory performance and boost brain health

Help I Have Baby Brain! Quick Memory Saving Strategies for Parents on the Go
Keynote or Half-Day Format

Does parenthood wreaked havoc on our know-how? Moms often question whether their babies have eaten their brain cells. While we know this is not the case, why is it that parenting seems to turn our brains to mush? Is it the hormones, the demands of parenting, or something else? Can anything be done to help?

This lecture teaches parents the ABCs of brain health and parenting, including:

- The real reasons why parents forget
- The three choices parents make every day that can make it harder to remember, and what to do about them
- Simple, quick steps even the busiest parent can take home and use to beat the baby brain drain


Why Can't Realtors Remember? Memory Fitness Just for the Real Estate Professional
Keynote and Half-Day Format

Making it in the real estate business demands excellent recall skills. Is your memory really up to the task? Learn why better memory fitness habits are an essential professional tool for any broker looking to stay competitive in today's market. Dr. Green outlines why memory matters to realtors and what simple steps we can all take to rev up our recall. Topics covered include:

- How memory works - And why it sometimes doesn't
- The number one reason why we all forget
- Simple strategies realtors can use to immediately boost their brain power for facts, figures and - most importantly! - names.

What HR Should Know About Brain Health: The Science and Practical Applications of Brain Fitness in the Workplace
Keynote and Half-Day Format

Helping employees stay sharp and productive at work is a key concern to HR, especially as workers over 50 become a significant part of the corporate landscape. The growing field of brain health offers a tremendous amount of scientifically grounded, easily actionable information that can be shared at the work place to help employees of all ages better maintain intellectual performance on the job. This presentation covers:

- Why brain health matters to employee productivity and well-being
- Great advice on putting a memory and brain health program into action @ work
- Simple strategies for improving memory performance and long-term brain wellness

Through the Seasons: An Activities Program for Memory Challenged Adults and Caregivers
Keynote and Half-Day Format

Cognitive stimulation has been found to be of real benefit for people with Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment or other memory disorders. "Through the Seasons" is a unique multi-sensory activities program designed by experts in the field that offers family members and professional caregivers a program for engaging memory challenged adults in simple, enjoyable activities that provide stimulation and a chance to connect. Participants will learn:

- What the science shows about cognitive stimulation as well as other lifestyle interventions in memory loss
- What the "Through the Seasons" program offers and how to use it
- Special instructions for introducing and using the activities in a safe and meaningful way

See additional programs on Dr. Green's website: here


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    "Thank you so much for your time and energy to visit Galloway and share your Total Brain Health work! It was phenomenal...well received by our residents. Your personal approach, intuitive skills regarding the audience and Brain Health as it relates to science is superb!"

    - Galloway Ridge, Inc.

    "What a charming, engaging person you are, Dr. Green! And how lucky we are that you gave us such a chunk of your time on Problems & Solutions... Bless you for your personal touch. I will definitely be asking you to come back again in the future....Thanks again for a show packed with great information."

    - Featured on Problems & Solutions, Three Eagles Radio Network

    "You combine true expertise/extensive and deep knowledge with engaging speaking skills to create a thoroughly engrossing presentation. Plus, your warmth and sense of humor add to everyone's enjoyment of the evening. I think this topic on stress was well suited to the audience and I know I left feeling calmer! "


    "You did a fabulous job, and I heard well-deserved gushing praise from our attendees. Thanks so much again for an informative, absorbing and inspiring presentation. We'll look forward to your ideas for future topics."

    - Lowenstein Sandler LLP

    "Your series on Memory Enhancement was quite a hit at TIAA-CREF. We started out expecting no more than one hundred people for each lecture, and ended up dividing the sessions and adding new dates so we could accommodate more than four hundred associates for each topic. The interest was overwhelming in all areas of the company. Thank you for this revitalizing series."

    - Occupational Health Coordinator, TIAA-CREF

    "It was unanimous among the guests that you were one of the best presenters they'd heard in a very long time ... My office was abuzz with compliments and thanks for having you join us - "she was the perfect choice" and "I loved the way she went from practical information to technical and didn't miss a beat" are just a couple of their comments"

    - Division of Aging, Disabilities and Veterans' Affairs

    "Your workshop was very informative, and we had some fantastic feedback following the event. We attribute the great turnout at the event to a strong interest in the topic of memory as well as your engaging presentation style. Everyone in the room walked away with some great tips on how to improve their memory ability."

    - Lehman Brothers

    "Over 120 attendees came (to the WHYY Studios) to hear Dr. Green speak. Our attendees really enjoyed the presentation. They laughed aloud, took a ton of notes and asked a lot of questions. The event was a terrific success. I would recommend Dr. Green to any organization as a speaker. She was well spoken, entertaining, and shared valuable information."

    - NAWBO

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