Carl  Hammerschlag, MD

Carl Hammerschlag, MD

Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D., a psychiatrist, author, and professional speaker says that "When we heal in community it actually makes a healthy outcome more likely, because everyone has a stake in the outcome." He is an authority in health and wellness, healing, leadership, authenticity and surviving in rapidly changing
times. A master storyteller, he uses his stories to illustrate that the future of healthcare rests in the ability of community to provide for prevention of disease.

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A master storyteller, internationally recognized author, physician, speaker and healer, Dr. Carl A.
Hammerschlag is a Yale-trained psychiatrist who has spent more than twenty years working with Native
Americans. For fourteen of those years, he was Chief of Psychiatry at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center.
Now one of the world's leading proponents of Psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body-spirit medicine), Dr.
Hammerschlag is a faculty member at the University of Arizona Medical School.

An expert on how to survive in rapidly changing cultures, Dr. Hammerschlag brings to his presentations his
gift of storytelling, a wealth of legends, and unique insights which bridge the worlds of science, spirit, and
culture. Utilizing his own extraordinary life experiences , including the language of science, the power of
legends and his vast clinical experience , he offers a unique perspective on how people can restore balance in
their lives. The future of healthcare rests in the ability of community to provide for prevention of disease. He
says, "When we heal in community it actually makes a healthy outcome more likely, because everyone has a
stake in the outcome."

Dr. Hammerschlag's life work has been chronicled in three critically acclaimed books: The Dancing Healers,
The Theft of the Spirit, Healing Ceremonies, as well as two children's books. He holds the highest honor
given in the speaking profession, the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame Award. Dr. Hammerschlag is a recipient
of the National Caring Award; selected by the Caring Institute of Washington, DC, from more than a quarter
million nominations, the award honors him as one of "the ten most caring adults in America."

A passionate, wise, and caring healer, Dr. Hammerschlag helps people transform their lives by showing them
how to rise above their limitations, remove their roadblocks, rekindle their dreams, and become the principal
agents in their own professional and personal lives. With poignancy and humor, he leads his audiences on a
joyful journey that will stimulate and renew their creative potential.

    "He has the vision of Walt Disney...the eloquence of John F. Kennedy."

    --Val Halamandaris, National Association for Home Care & Hospice

    "Your presentation truly touched our members and left them revitalized to return to their sacred work of caring for our nation's elderly. In my nine years with ACHCA, I do not recall our association ever giving a keynote speaker a standing ovation!"

    --Professional Development & American College of Healthcare Administrators

    "You hit the peak again. Your capacity to help people think about their lives and learn from the stories of your life is an incredible gift to us at the Academy."

    --American Academy of Dental Practice Administrators

    Carl Hammerschlag is a spellbinding storyteller whose message of hope and meaning will uplift any audience. Compared to other speakers we've used, Carl is the only one who gets a standing ovation.

    -- St. Luke's Health Initiatives

    "I want to thank you for 'bringing the house down'.... Our group was 'blown away.' The President and CEO both said you were 'outstanding' and asked me 'Where did you find this guy!' You stole the show."

    -- AirGas

    "I have received many phone calls and letters from people telling me how the experience enriched their lives. You truly have a spiritual gift to reach people and remind them of how unique and wonderful they are. You gave us a renewed sense of pride and purpose in our work. You awakened in us a new sense of courage and faith enabling us to face another day and touch lives in meaningful ways. For this we are all grateful."

    -- Parkview Hospital

    "I have never seen a dental audience so enthralled; we usually see attrition by day's end, but you captivated our members and staffs with your passion, insights, wisdom and humor."

    --River Valley Study Club