Carl  Hammerschlag, MD

Carl Hammerschlag, MD

A master storyteller, recognized author, physician, speaker and healer, Dr. Carl A. Hammerschlag is a Yale-trained psychiatrist who has spent more than 20 years working with Native Americans. An expert on how to survive in rapidly changing cultures, Dr. Hammerschlag uses his own life experiences, including the language of science, the power of legends and his vast clinical experience, to bring a unique perspective on how people can restore balance in their lives. Dr. Hammerschlag's life work has been chronicled in three books: The Dancing Healers, The Theft of the Spirit, Healing Ceremonies, as well as two children's books. Dr. Hammerschlag is a recipient of the National Caring Award and the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame Award.

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Carl A. Hammerschlag, MD is a master storyteller and internationally recognized author, physician, speaker, healer, and humanitarian clown. A Yale-trained psychiatrist; he has spent more than twenty years working with Native Americans. He is an expert on community-based health care, how to survive in rapidly changing cultures, and a leading authority in the practical applications of Psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body-spirit medicine). A faculty member at the University of Arizona Medical School, the Chief of Community Mental Health, Gesundheit! Institute, and founder of the Turtle Island Project, a non-profit, multidisciplinary organization whose programs integrate the principles of mind/body/spirit medicine with Native American rituals and ceremonies.

Dr. Hammerschlag's life work has been chronicled in four critically acclaimed books: The Dancing Healers, The Theft of the Spirit, Healing Ceremonies, Kindling Spirit: Healing From Within, and two children's books. He is a recipient of the National Caring Award. Selected by the Caring Institute of Washington D.C. from more than a quarter million nominations, the award honors "the ten most caring adults in America." In his presentations, Dr. Carl Hammerschlag brings his gift of storytelling, a wealth of legends, and unique insights which bridge the worlds of science, spirit, and culture. With poignancy and humor, he leads his audiences on a joyful journey that will stimulate and renew their creative potential.

    "He has the vision of Walt Disney...the eloquence of John F. Kennedy."

    - Val Halamandaris - National Association for Home Care & Hospice

    "Dr. Hammerschlag was the most inspiring and poignant speaker we have ever hosted. Not only do his words resonate with people, but the way in which he presents his point is flawless. Often, working in this field you can listen to a speaker and know just what they mean, but the verbiage used, YOU know has escaped some of the audience. Dr. Hammerschlag spoke to each and every audience member and in the language each could understand. He wove his presentation in and out of our work and referred to what we do in the community countless times. There is no price that can be paid for such a well respected, well known and loved speaker to use your agency's name in his presentation. He listened intently to what we do and as if practiced for months, integrated it into his talk. Through the stories and humor, each person was able to hear a message - our joint message."

    - Aspen Hope Center

    "It would be an understatement (and, perhaps, an injustice) to merely say that your talk was a major success. Your topic, Success is a Leap of Faith, seemed to move the audience to such an extent that a calm silence permeated the room at its conclusion, as though the audience needed a minute or two of quiet self-reflection in order to fully absorb the ideas."

    - Henry Ford Health System

    "Dr. Hammerschlag was incredible - I'm so so happy, he kept my folks engaged, entertained and thinking through the end. He was in a tough timeslot and did great!"

    - Texas Healthcare Trustees

    "Dr. Hammerschlag's presentation was dynamic, insightful and extremely well received by our audience. His explanation of integrative medicine came to life through stories and examples that he illustrated with photos and humor. We look forward to inviting him to our community again."

    - Tanner Health Systems

    "One of the most rewarding things for a planner of any event is to hear that the speaker you have chosen was truly superb! Thank you for your inspirational and visionary presentation. You captivate the audience with your dynamic delivery and style. As one of our attendee's said: 'Carl's presentation was life changing'."

    - Peggy Westby- MN Hospital Assn

    "Carl Hammerschlag is a spellbinding storyteller whose message of hope and meaning will uplift any audience. Compared to other speakers we've used, Carl is the only one who gets a standing ovation"

    - St. Luke's Health Initiatives

    "Carl captured the hearts of a large and very diverse audience of leaders from a complex academic medical center and reminded them about the core of their healing mission. From the newest front line leader to the senior physician on the staff, all were reconnected with the reason they committed their lives to the care of others."

    - Vanderbilt University Medical Center