Bruce  Clark, DPH

Bruce Clark, DPH

Co-founder of Age Wave and Impact Presentations Group, Dr. Bruce Clark has emerged as one of the nation's leading authorities on the healthcare, social, financial and marketing implications of the "aging of America." Appearing frequently in national media, one of his most prominent accomplishments has been the production of the 20-part PBS series "Caring for an Aging Society." In his entertaining and commanding presentations, Dr. Clark combines a dynamism and wit that is uniquely enriched by his research-based knowledge about his 8 consumer-centric trends transforming American Health Care over the next 5 years creating enormous change, challenge and opportunity in their wake.

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With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Bruce Clark has emerged as one of the nation's leading authorities on the healthcare, social, financial and marketing implications of the "new consumer". He has been responsible for changing the course of many of America's leading companies as well as influencing millions of professionals in the marketplace. As co-founder of Age Wave and IPG, Dr. Clark is widely recognized as a national leading authority on the business implications of the new mature consumer.

At Age Wave and IPG, Dr. Clark developed an award-winning concept, "Experiential Learning." By combining the best in modern presentation technology and 25 years of cutting edge research, he has been able to create an "experience" in learning that is insightful, entertaining, and sets a new standard for keynote presentations and corporate education. Among his most prominent accomplishments is the award winning 20-part PBS Series "Caring for an Aging Society," which won Business TV Magazine's award for the "Most Important Social Contribution Made Through Business Television. In addition, he recently managed a national study with Roper Worldwide focused on the healthcare implications of "the new mature consumer."

Dr. Clark held senior management positions with National Institutes of Health, the California Department of Health Services, the National Center for Health Education, the Healthcare Forum and the Healthcare Forum Journal. He has a Doctorate in Public Health and a Masters in Health Administration from Loma Linda University in southern California.

    "Given our very high expectations, all I can say is that your presentation was a triumph."

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    "In our busy schedules we often fail to recognize a great performance. Dr. Clark, your presentation was the 'rave' of the conference; thank you for working so hard to create an extraordinary experience for our clients."

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    "Your keynote presentation at our 100 Year Centennial was insightful and inspiring, with a superb balance of substance and humor. I have heard nothing but the most positive remarks from our 350 attendees. Thank you for making this important event in Baylor's history a success."

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    "In the eight years we have been running this client conference your presentation was proclaimed to be the best we've ever had."

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