Ashley  Koff

Ashley Koff

An award-winning nutrition expert and recognized as one of the "Top 10 Social Health Makers in Nutrition" Ashley is also in the top "50 Natural Influencers" in health and nutrition to follow on Twitter and was selected for the first list of "Top 10 Registered Dietitians in the US" by Today's Dietitian Magazine. She shares her message with millions as a go-to expert appearing regularly on The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood and lends her expertise on the pages of the New York Times, O!:The Oprah Magazine, InStyle, among others. Ashley serves on the faculty of the Continuum Center for Health and Healing at the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.

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Ashley Koff is an internationally-renowned registered dietitian who knows the key to resolving our national health crisis is to empower individuals to achieve better health from better nutrition. Koff explains "better nutrition is simple, but doesn't feel that way for most, regardless of their resources." Thus, Koff created the Better Nutrition, Simplified program, a nutrition toolkit including a one page Nutrition Plan, hundreds of nutrition 'Pit Stop' ideas, Quick Guides and Patient Consults so people can get Better Nutrition for Better Health.

An award-winning nutrition expert, Koff helps lead the national conversation on better nutrition as a speaker, author, media and industry expert. Selected among CNN's top 100 health makers, recognized in the Top 10 Social Health Makers in Nutrition ( and among the top "50 Natural Influencers" in health and nutrition to follow on Twitter (NewHope360 and, Koff was also selected for the first list of Top 10 Registered Dietitians in the US by Today's Dietitian Magazine.

If you watch TV, you will see Ashley as she's a regular expert on The Dr. Oz Show, national and local news and entertainment shows and in 2016 played a key role in developing and presenting The Day off Diet for The Dr Oz Show, and answered questions online for the over 15k participants. Koff was also the on-air dietitian for 3 national reality TV shows. In 2016, Koff launched her podcast, Take Out with Ashley and Robyn which invites listeners to learn from thought leaders in all walks of life and get tips and support for how we can all be the change we need to see in this world, today.

If you read magazines, newspapers or online blogs you will see Ashley's advice or learn about Ashley through features on her work from outlets such as The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Wall St Journal, Prevention O!:The Oprah Magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Redbook, Shape, Health, Mind Body Green and Huffington Post.

Koff regularly shares her nutrition expertise as a keynote speaker, panelist, emcee, and moderator with audiences nationwide for clients including The Westin Hotels as their Global Wellness Ambassador, Sharecare, The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (FNCE), EspnW, Digital Health / CES, Whole Grains Council, RadioMD, Blogger conferences (BlogHer, Fitness Bloggers Expo & numerous mom blogger events), Saatchi+Saatchi, Rancho La Puerta, Celebrity Cruise, Sun Valley's Harvest Festival, Natural Health and Prevention magazines wellness summits.

Koff is the co-author of Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged (Hay House; 2011) and Recipes for IBS (Fair Winds Press; 2007) and has provided chapters for several medical textbooks including Integrative Gastroenterology (Mullin). She has reviewed, contributed nutrition advice and forewords for several books such as The G-Free Diet (Hasselbeck), The Power Greens Cookbook (JacobI), Naturally, Delicious (Seo).

Anywhere there is a question or interest in nutrition, the media seeks out Ashley for her answer. From the intricacies of the latest health concerns to sharing the better nutrition secrets of her celeb clients, Ashley engages the audience by balancing humor and the need-to-know information and user-friendly tips which always leaves the viewer with what they need to consider for better health.

Today, Ashley has an award-winning social media platform, regularly hosting parties and chats and webinars. However, long before online video channels & challenges were the norm, Koff created and was the lead expert for Huffington Post Living's "Total Energy Makeover with Ashley Koff RD" which aired monthly on Good Morning America Health and was the featured dietitian for Deepak Chopra's first YouTube show, 30 Days of Intent. In addition in 2015 Koff was the co-host of Transform You an online weight-loss and health program from Sharecare.

Ashley walks (as well as spins, bends, lifts, and twists) her talk prioritizing her own better health. She loves discovering better beauty treatments and grabbing a friend to join! She plays the trumpet, binge-watches Netflix, and always finds time for stress-busting baths. While she has several destinations on a list, she also loves making time to just-be at home.

    "Ashley Koff is not only a fabulous and inspiring person, she is a tremendous speaker with an engaging, energetic, and entertaining presence. I have participated both with her as a panelist, where she held her own with Emmy-award winning host, Dr. Mehmet Oz and other prestigious health champions, and as an interviewer in front of a crowd of 10,000 people. In both cases, she was able to dynamically adjust to the topic and the audience to ensure a memorable and impactful session."

    - ShareCare

    "We honestly thought she was the hit of the Festival. She increased the enjoyment of every segment she was involved in by at least two fold. A must for next year!!"

    - Sun Valley Harvest Festival

    "Having Ashley Koff, RD at the WTVR CBS 6 Healthy Lifestyle Expo was such an honor. She engaged and captured the audience with her talk about Better Nutrition Simplified and with her delicious food samples. She was enthusiastic and interactive with the crowd by allowing a little girl to join her on stage to emphasize just how easy nutrition can be and that the whole family can participate. The audience truly enjoyed Ashley's presence on stage and valued her advice on how to improve their overall health"

    - WTVR TV/DT CBS 6

    "H Ashley was a dynamic emcee at Prevention's R3 Summit for two consecutive years. Her deep knowledge and credentials in the health and wellness apace made her our go-to resource. She brought great energy and gravitas to our stage and all of the panels that she moderated. Ashley has a huge fan base at Prevention! ."

    - PREVENTION Magazine